Mud ‘Room’ Remodel: the AFTER photos!

Let’s continue where we left off yesterday: Our mud ‘room’ remodel, part two.  After gathering all my ideas, and making a sketch, we went to work.  First, shopping for supplies.  Dad estimated $100, and we weren’t off by too much:

  • 2x8x16 lumber (with knots)
  • gallon of paint
  • decorative trim molding
  • roller, paint, & pan kit
  • BIN spray (for the knots)
  • coat/hat hooks (x9)
  • Total: $143

We went with lumber that had knots because it was much cheaper, and a $5 can of BIN spray would keep the knots from bleeding through.  It took me a few minutes to pick a color or paint…. going on a whim, I picked something from the ideas Vinay suggested, “blue, green, dark.”  And to add a little finish to the wood panel that would hold the hooks, I picked a $3 piece of trim molding.  We would have stayed closer to the ‘budget’ had the darn hooks not been so expensive! They were $3.50 a pop, and I decided instead of just a coat hook per cubby, I added hat/scarf hooks, so just the hooks were $32+.  But I think it was well worth it.

With all the supplies, we went to work!  I painted the room (two coats!), while Grampy (with a little help from Avery), made the built-in.





(yes, that’s a fishing pole….Grampy still needs to educate Avery on what are construction tools)

After building the frame, we painted it white (2 coats), and then installed it on the wall, added the hooks, and I put up a few of our jackets & coats for good measure.  I still have to  pick out some baskets and decor, but here’s the progress/AFTER photos:





The entire project was complete in a weekend, for under $150, and with the labor of 2(and a half if you count Avery) people.  And we only had one goof up.  We cut a piece of wood incorrectly, and had to go back and buy another piece of wood, no biggie.  But reflecting on the project, the majority of the work was painting.  Of ALL the rooms in our house, this one has the tallest ceiling.  Five foot nothing me had quite a fun time getting those high walls…but thanks to a cool ladder we have that you can adjust to go on stairs, I was able to reach!  But man, did the painting take FOREVER!  I even got paint on my knees, and how did that happen, because I was wearing pants!

Now, as for functionality, we’ve had a couple weeks to test this out, and man has it worked wonders.  Luckily it was installed just before the blizzard came, so we had a place to store all our winter gear without having to trek into the house.  Talk about good timing!  I’m still itching to go shopping for some baskets, and we found a great picture to put up on the shelf that has been sitting in the office for the past year and a half.  In time I’ll pick at it and post some updated photos!  Right now some ideas I have for the room are…

  • Add a design or text to the two steps into the kitchen.  Maybe ‘welcome & Home’ 
  • wallpaper behind the coat cubbies
  • baskets for the highest cubbies
  • padding material to go under in shoe cubbies so the wet ones don’t stain the wood
  • a key holder
  • paint the (maroon) basement stair risers white
  • find a new home for the paint/supplies on the lower shelf down the stairs
  • What to do with that high top shelf ??? The fire extinguisher looks lonely up there

And we’ll end with some good ‘ol Before & After:

IMG_2985 IMG_3008

IMG_2987 IMG_3007

IMG_2986 IMG_3006

What do you think of the transformation?  Any suggestions for some finishing touches?


16 thoughts on “Mud ‘Room’ Remodel: the AFTER photos!

  1. Love the paint color, Meghan! And for the cubbies/storage…. PERFECT! What a great solution and you made them fit so well in the space. It always feels so good to be organized.. but organized AND beautiful to look at is a great combo. Congrats – LOVE THiS!

    • Thanks, Stacey. When I put the first coat on, the paint looked really dark grey. I was so dissapointed…but knew it would change as it dried and the second coat went on. I’m very happy with the color and I find myself stopping and looking at the ‘room’ every day thinking about what to add to it!

  2. Very nice Meghan! You can see you used your space planning talents well here. Those small spaces are much harder to design that most people could imagine. Those pictures of Avery and your dad will be treasured. wonderful post.

    • thanks, Arryn. I was so worried when it went up that it was looking ‘blah’ but with the white trim i think it pops… now just to get baskets and decorate it up a bit… house projects are never ending!

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