Mud ‘Room’ Remodel: Design Phase

It’s a bit of a stretch to claim we even have a mudroom.  Our back door off the kitchen (which we use as our main entry) leads into this 3′ x 3′ landing. Turn right, and there’s stairs down to the basement. Go straight and take 3 steps up to the kitchen.  Very odd arrangement,  yes.  Coming into the house, carrying my 23 pound toddler, his backpack, my lunch bag, and the keys is quite a circus show.

This is the view of the landing from the basement, door on the left, kitchen up the steps to the right.


Shoes, bags, brooms, everything piles up and creates quite a hazzard for the next person walking into the house.


And there are these lovely shelves that are loaded with misc paints, sanding paper, cat litter (we don’t have a cat, WTF is the from?!), and dog biscuits… for when our doggy friends visit.  But really, I bet we could find a better home for these random items.


And did you note the YELLOW?  This house was ALL yellow, I swear the owners before us really had a yellow complex.  This is the last yellow room in the house, and I was on a mission to get rid of this last bit of it!


Once we’ve trudged thru the landing without falling down the stairs, we have to walk through the kitchen to the dining room where I proceed to dump everything (not Avery – he is gently placed on his feet) on the floor, which means I just tracked my dirty shoes through two rooms of the house.  And then all the stuff is thrown on the table, coats on the backs of chairs and boots on this little stand that is obviously not serving its purpose.


See, when we bought this house, we made a few sacrifices, one being a coat closet or storage area near our main entry.  So what to do?  We made due with our dinky shoe rack.. and it’s sufficed up until two weeks ago.  On a whim, I decided our next project would be to turn our dinky  cozy entry landing area into a glorified mud ‘room’.  Yeah, you’re thinking I’m crazy because, heck, when does 9 square foot ever qualify as a ‘room’???  Well, you have to get creative…

And by creative, I mean steal pin a bunch of ideas on Pinterest, and pull ideas from each pin to design our new mud ‘room’. (photo credits)

I love the idea of creating a built in along the wall with all the crap (grocery bags, broom, mop, etc) : cubbies for shoes and hooks for coats and bags.  Now, logistically, the depth of the wall before the door frames on either side is only 6-10″, so I wasn’t about to make drawers and even making a shoe cubby would be a challenge, because Vinay’s shoes are almost a foot long.  But if I made the cubbies big enough, we could put them in at an angle. And I LOVE the baskets with everyone’s first letter.  That made me think, with the size of that wall, I could design 3 different sections for each of us: one long cubby for a jacket with a hook, and smaller ones for baskets of mittens & hats, and low cubbies for shoes.

Running full-throttle with my zillions of ideas, I proceeded to measure the room and draw up a sketch of the built in I wanted to build.  I even measured our shoes and jackets to make sure the cubby sizes made sense, and that the height of the cubbies were within reach for short little me:

built in mudroom sketch

Correction, my Dad was going to build it – we have this deal for everything… I design it, he builds it!  So with a few quick emails back and forth about it, we had a design and a weekend for him to help make my idea come to life!  I had a few small decisions still to make, but I knew I wanted to paint the wood white like all the other trim in the house, and paint the room something NOT YELLOW… but minor details that I could decide along the way.

As with all household projects, I had to count my pennies and make sure we could afford a room remodel.  Dad estimated it would be around $100 for all the supplies.  Of course the labor was free 🙂  I checked with the hubs, and he was OK with that (We have a small house fund we contribute to weekly that we pull from when we do house projects), so we had a green light and went to work!

Tune in tomorrow for the building & painting phases & the AFTER PICTURES!

Do you have a mud ‘room’, or maybe a closet by your front door?  Where do you store all your boots, shoes, backpacks, hats, and lunchboxes?


8 thoughts on “Mud ‘Room’ Remodel: Design Phase

  1. I can’t wait to see it, I love your posts about how you’re doing up your home bit by bit. Before wee moved into our current house, we got onto the housing ladder with a little one bed flat which sported all sorts of awfulness like pink and orange walls, misused spaces etc. When we finished with it it was a beatiful little space! It’s tiring at times, but so rewarding. Look forward to seeing what you’ve done.

    • Thanks, Elske. Your flat had PINK walls?! Oh dear… I thought yellow was the worst color ever. We bought our house with intentions to fix it up and resell for a little more $, knowing we’d need a bigger place in the future. We might sell this year or next year… thinking about it because we decided we don’t like our area for Avery to grow up in, and we’d like better commutes and be closer to my parents.

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