Avery’s 2nd Christmas – Part 2

Let’s wrap up the Christmas recap before Nor’easter ‘Nemo’ drops in on us tomorrow.  With all this hype about getting 20+ inches of snow, I may be home with Avery tomorrow and we all know how much posting I can get done while he’s running around!  Then it’ll be another month before I get these much delayed photos out, so let’s continue where we left off on Tuesday…..Christmas morning!


How did Santa fit all THAT in his sled?!  This makes me thankful we spend the holiday at my parents house, because they have a big enough tree to house all the presents… although this year our tiny little tree (imported from Vermont) did hold it’s own…


Our Christmas tradition is that stockings are first, and of course the animals have stockings.

After years of Christmas’, Pokey and Frasier know the routine.  They sniff their stockings and know a treat is coming! Simon the old cat gets treats in his too!

Now for the lovely morning shot of all three of us unwrapping our stockings…


Vinay had matching pajamas too, but was too cool to wear them I guess.  Avery was thrilled to stick his hand in his stocking and pull out gifts tho! And pardon Vinay’s yawn excitement…

…but that’s the best family photo we took Christmas morning.  Avery of course is the best looking of the bunch!  What kid wouldn’t be smiling with a present in his lap!?  And for nostalgia, I manned the camera the rest of the morning so I could grab photos of him really opening presents this year (unlike last year where he just kinda sat there)… which meant Avery needed some help opening his presents…

Although Grammy was there to help, Avery quickly understood the unwrapping concept and there was soon paper everywhere… oh and gifts.  Man did he get enough gifts…

A hat & mittens set … from the same lady that made the hats & mittens Sarah and I had growing up.


And then Grammy did the unthinkable and got Avery a…



…Dog!  It barks, pants (which Avery mimics), and walks when you pet him.


Avery wasn’t sure what to think at first, but he’s since warmed up to him and pushes him around at home (like a car.  I think I need to get him a leash and teach him how to walk the dog.)  And there was more…



A little people tractor to go with his barn he got for his birthday!


This was absolutely Avery’s favorite gift of the morning.  He kept pushing it around the floor.  And what was in those GIANT boxes under the tree….?


A bean bag! (Avery loves the one in Grammy and Grampy’s basement, so they HAD to get him one of his own!)  And when we brought it home, Avery made himself comfortable…


Then it was time for a real big gift…


That Avery just HAD to sit on to open…


And he was thrilled to just sit on it..


See the fire burning on the TV in the background?  Another yearly tradition! Back to the big present…



Avery’s tongue sticking out means he was in deep concentration trying to get all the paper off…


A table and chairs…Avery sized!!!  It didn’t take long for Avery to sit at his new table…



And as much fun as the table is, Avery had fun with it’s box when we brought it home…


Oh and the rest of us got a couple goodies too… which Avery was happy to help hand out…


Grampy got the ‘Wipe Out’ game for the Kinect (Which we had fun playing with aunts, uncles, & cousins weeks later), Aunt Sarah got UGGs, Avery made Grammy and Grampy some goodies, and what did Mommy & Daddy get?! We demanded this year that we would get only one gift, because now Christmas is all about Avery.  So we requested and got a safe!  No, not to store our zillions of dollars and diamonds, but to safely store Avery’s pictures and videos and other ‘valuables’ like that.  So excited!  We had to wait to get it home though because of course we couldn’t fit all these goodies in our car on our ride back!  So Aunt Candy & Uncle Paul brought some when they visited, and Grammy and Grampy brought the rest on Vinay’s Birthday in January.

What was under your tree this year?  What traditions do you uphold every year?


6 thoughts on “Avery’s 2nd Christmas – Part 2

    • Thanks. I appreciate that… as much as I’d love professional staged family photos for every event, that’s just not feasible… plus it’s stuffy. I’d rather get the ‘action’ shots and we can look back and laugh at how we looked or that I was wearing the same pajamas 5 years ago. Life isn’t staged, so photos shouldn’t be either (well, unless I’m photographing a room remodel in the house… that takes major staging… otherwise you wouldn’t see the room under all the toys strewn about!)

  1. Adorable! man I want to open all those big gifts 🙂 He is so happy bless him 🙂 I used to care for a baby boy who looked just like your baby, even the big smiles, many years ago now ekk he is probably about 20.

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