A Weekend of Firsts

Although the chilly weather kept us inside this weekend, we actually did a lot of stuff… including a few firsts for Avery and us!

I started off the weekend with a not so hot weigh-in on Friday; a big fat goose egg.  I mean, yeah I’m glad I didn’t gain weight, but the object is to LOSE it!  So, a little discouraging… but I went all gung-ho into Zumba with Erin.  Determined to burn these last couple pounds off, I also hit the gym Saturday afternoon for an hour: ran 1.5 miles in 16:54 (23 seconds faster than my last 1.5mi run!).  And Sunday I switched it up and rode the spin bike for 30 minutes!  That’s a FIRST for me.  The most I rode one of those bikes was 10 minutes and it was brutal.  But I let the sweat drip (I cleaned it up after!) and powered thru it!  Felt great… but man how do people do a spin class for an hour?!  Crazyness!  Maybe I can build up my endurance for that some day…

Saturday morning I took Avery to the mall for some ‘strolling’, we hit up the play place, shared a smoothie, and picked up something new for Avery at Target….


BIG BOY fork (left), BABY fork (right)

Avery’s FIRST big boy fork! Recently, Avery’s been really improving his utensil abilities… but I noticed it’s been hard for him to stick food on his fork because it’s so dull… so it was time for a more advanced version!  He used it for dinner that night and instead of getting frustrated and just using his hands, he used his fork the whole meal!  Awe, they grow up so fast!

Sunday was grocery day.  We only go every two weeks, so it’s a big to-do when we go.  Avery thoroughly enjoyed the produce section.  He ate half a carton of blueberrier before we even made it to the deli!  While stocking up, we ran into Avery’s daycare pal, Nico, again.  It’s really nice to run into another family you know at the grocery store (although my mom will disagree with this because she shops in the town she grew up and teaches in and can’t go down and aisle without running into someone she knows and has to talk to and that makes it a much longer affair than just shopping would be) because it makes me feel at home… which we don’t feel much since all our family is out of state and we never see people we know unless we plan to.  Plus Nico is hilarious… he has this shoe thing, where he always takes one of his shoes at daycare and when we ran into him, his Dad was pushing the cart and sure enough, Nico was sitting in the cart… with one shoe on!

Avery passed out on the way home, and we utilized the time.  We had to throw away the old stuff in the fridge and put the groceries away anyways…so why not take the fridge apart and clean it…top to bottom.  So for the FIRST time since we bought the fridge (and yes, that may seem gross since it’s been a year and a half) we took the fridge apart and cleaned the whole thing!


Stocked and cleaned!  It actually wasn’t really dirty.  But it felt great to clean it out and rearrange the food so things didn’t fall out when we opened the fridge!  And there’s only 2 1/2 of us… this fridge is huge.  Imagine a stocked fridge for a family of 4 or 5.  I would need two fridges!

Avery also got a treat at the grocery store.  He loves his Fruitables juice boxes (has real fruit and veggie juice!), but when he holds them, he squeezes them and they go EVERYWHERE.  So, we got him a juice box holder.


He LOVES it. He pulls the straw up and down and squeals with delight, then drinks out of it… so darn cute.  And NO MESS, so Mommy loves it too!

Sunday afternoon we hit up Home Depot for some salt for the sidewalk and driveway because there was a light snow all weekend long.  We checked out vanities for our bathroom remodel we’re planning for this spring.

When we got home, Avery was in a good mood (probably because we let him run around Home Depot and play with wood) so it was the perfect opportunity to do something about Avery’s growing mane… yep…Avery’s FIRST haircut!  Now, Avery doesn’t have much hair to start with, but it’s growing in all the wrong places… by his ears there are curls over his ears and his ‘bangs’ are almost into his eyes, and the hair at his neck is pretty long.  And after I took this pictures last week…


I realized it was time for a little snip snip!  I mean, his hair isn’t think and we didn’t want to buzz it off, especially in the winter, but he really needed a trim.  So Vinay manned the camera while I took the first cuts of Avery’s baby hair…


We setup Avery in the highchair and the laptop with Elmo so Avery would be distracted.  He did move around a lot, but I took my time and made the few snips.  When it was time to do the back of his head, I reclined the highchair, thinking it would give me easy access… Avery thought I was giving him a lounge chair for his viewing pleasure…


I saved ALL of his hair too.  There really wasn’t much, so it all went into a plastic bag to put in his baby book.


And of coarse we needed an after shot of the handsome boy… who wasn’t shy to ‘cheese’ for the camera.



How was your weekend?  Did you have any FIRSTS? What age was your kids first haircut?  Did you DIY or bring them to the Barbershop/Salon?


16 thoughts on “A Weekend of Firsts

  1. First haircuts are big. My older boy in particular was crazy when it happened. I don’t know how the barber managed to cut his hair – he squirmed as if she was trying to suffocate him.
    Btw, my blog moved. The address is memyselfandkids.com

  2. cute haircut! hubby buzzed Caleb’s hair during the summer bc it was wispy up top and a bald spot in the back…he hsd little hair to begin with. He looked so handsome afterwards 😉 the power of a haircut.

    Avery is so darn cute in his new do. I think I need a new fork too… but he just started using utensils…not well but using them.

    • You’d be surprised at how quick they pick up the utensils. Avery gets MAD if I don’t give him a fork now! It’s like a game to him. Of coarse it started with lots of cheering from me when he would get food to his mouth.. .maybe that helped?

      • the power of positive reinforcement! 🙂 I told Caleb that once he learns how to do it, I’m not gonna cheer every time he puts a spoonful of food in his mouth. lol. He did pretty good today with the baby fork and eggs for breakfast.

  3. Haha, it’s amazing how a little trim can make them look so much older! What a cutie…and I love how he lounged in the chair! 🙂

    Annabel has only had one haircut and that was when she was about 5 months old. All of her hair on the back and sides was falling out, but she still had a huge chunk on top that was starting to look like a “combover”, haha. So I snipped some off and saved it for the baby book. It’s a good thing too because all of her “new” hair came in so much lighter that we were happy to have some of her newborn dark hair:)

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