Breaking 130 – Week 13

We’re on the home stretch!  I kicked it up a notch and hit the gym 4 days in a row, stuck to calorie counting, and started running to prep for my 13 in 2013 races…

biggest loser challenge week 13

Workouts: Since my parents & sis were in town for the weekend, I utilized the free babysitting and went gym crazy for 4 days in a row!

  • Friday (1/25): 60 min Zumba!
  • Saturday: 60 min Kickboxing
  • Sunday: 60 min. at the gym: treadmill warm up, ab machines, stretching
  • Monday: 40 min. 1 mile run (11min), 1 mile walk, stretching
  • Tuesday: rest.
  • Wednesday: 40min 1.5 mile run (17.37min) 1/2 mile walk, ab machines
  • Thursday: rest.

My Goal: Break 130lbs by February 22nd.

Week 13 Weigh-in: No, I didn’t goof on the spreadsheet… I’m at the same weight as last week.  No weight lost this week (but also none gained!)  Hopefully I haven’t plateaued…

Weight Lost: 6lbs (4.37%)  I’m 1 1/2 pounds from breaking 130!!! 3 weeks to go…

biggest loser challenge week 13 weight loss chart

BMI: 24.4.  

Calorie Counting: I’ve been good…side from my binge pizza eating Thursday night.  Don’t judge! We were crunched on time and a frozen pizza was our best option since I’ve eaten all the greens out of the house and we don’t go grocery shopping again until this weekend.  So other than one day, my calorie intake was less than what I burned.  FIT BIT keeps a cool chart of it…

calorie counting chart

Next Week Goals:

  • Maintain daily calorie counting
  • Workout 4+ times: Zumba tonight, Piloxing Saturday, 1.75mi run Sunday, Zumba Tues, 2mi run Wed/Thurs?
  • Friday weigh in UNDER 131

What is the best training schedule for a 5K?  There are zillions online, but maybe you can point me into the direction of one that worked for you?  I want to start building up my endurance and run a race soon after hitting my goal weight.


5 thoughts on “Breaking 130 – Week 13

    • Oh you know I love a good before and after picture! Of coarse it usually pertains to remodeling our house, but I do have a shot with my little post baby belly and I’ve been meaning to take a picture in my new workout clothes… so I think you’re right. The final weigh-in, I’ll post before and after photos! Thanks for the great idea!

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