NUMB3ERS @ 16 Months

It feels like I JUST posted about Avery turning 15 months.  And here he is, already a month older!  His ‘stats’ haven’t changed much from last month, although I think he is filling out and might weigh a bit more, here’s a run down of some numbers from this past month:

2 1/2 Feet Tall per our first measurement on Avery’s new height chart!


Grammy & Grampy made Avery a giant ruler to measure his height.  We took the first measurement this past weekend.  Avery was the cutest thing when we had him stand tall against the chart.  He looked up at us and wouldn’t stay still at first, then I marked his height and had him turn around and see.  Then he turned around and stood up against it waiting for me to mark him again… as if it was a game.  Such a cutie.  I’m looking forward to years of marking his height… and hopefully he doesn’t grow taller than 6’6 because that’s as high as the chart goes! (plus one he gets taller than me I’ll have to use a step stool to measure the kid!)


3 Signs in ASL (sign language).  If asked ‘Do you want more?” Avery makes the sign for ‘more’… and when we’re playing and he doesn’t want you to stop, he signs, ‘more’.  If asked ‘Are you hungry?’ or ‘Do you want to eat?’ Avery makes the sign for ‘eat’.  He’s recently tried the sign for ‘all done’ and is getting much better at it.  I use the signs ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘drink’, but he hasn’t signed them back yet.  I love using the signs because it helps Avery communicate…he’s not much of a talker… he’s more of a noises and grunts kid right now.  And instead of him whining, he signs.  I’m going to add ‘up’ and ‘down’ this week, because he’s climbing on everything!!!

10 Days on antibiotics for pneumonia, and Avery is back to his normal self.  We had quite the scare this month when Avery spiked high fevers and we had to rush him to the ER for immediate attention.  His meds seem to have cleared up the pneumonia and we’ll get a verdict this week if we’re cold-free.


11 Teeth and one on the way.  This past month, Avery broken in another molar – his first on the bottom.  The other side is coming in soon.  He’s drooling all over and chewing on EVERYTHING.  Sometimes he’s super cranky and we’ve found the best solutions are his pacifier (aka ‘Bah-Bah’) or a popscicle.  Albeit messy, the pop keeps him occupied and his mouth numbed.. plus if you give Avery a towel, he will clean up the drops on the floor from the pop!

13.5 Hours of sleep a day.  Avery has become quite the good sleeper.  Minus the week of up all nights when he was coughing from pneumonia, he’s been sleeping 11 1/2 hours a night and taking a 2 hour mid-day nap.  After our troubles with sleep early on, I am still thrilled he’s become such a great sleeper.

24 Month size onesies.  We’re officially into Avery’s size 24 month clothes!  He’s still wearing size 18 pants and shirts, but onesies and pajamas are 18-24 or 24 month sized because Avery’s long torso doesn’t fit into size 18 anymore!  Oh an socks… the kid has huge feet… size 2T socks fit perfect right now.  He will need new shoes too soon.


30 Seconds is about the extent of Avery’s attention span.  He’s longest occupied playing alone with his little people farm and tractor.  Playing with someone, he can last a few minutes on one activity such as playing in his ball pit or crawling thru the tunnel.  And it’s not like the kid is bored… there’s toys ALL OVER the house.  Something can thrill him, but then he’s ‘over it’ and looks for something new to play with …. or destroy if Mommy isn’t looking…

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18 thoughts on “NUMB3ERS @ 16 Months

  1. Avery is not only feeling better Mom, the good sleep that he’s experiencing is most likely due the growth spert that he’s going through right now, physically and intellectually as well. And the 30 second attention span….well darn Megs he’s caught up to teenagers all ready! Give him a big hug from Auntie Candy will you? Hugs from me to you to:-)

  2. So glad that he’s feeling better. He’s such a cutie pie. I’m a little jealous of his sleep. Lili still hates her crib and obviously sleeps better in bed with me (i know that some people frown upon it, but what’s important is that we’re getting sleep, right?). So if she’s in bed with me, she’ll sleep from 8-7. Otherwise, if we transfer her from bed to crib, she wakes up 4 hours later and we put her back in bed with us where she falls back to sleep. LOL

    LOVE the giant ruler stick. Too cute.

    • Thanks, Fen. It was something I requested from my parents for Avery for XMass because I wanted something that could move with us if we didn’t stay in the same house… and they made the design so fun!

    • Thanks, Laurie. Your grandson looks adorable! What signs does he use most often? I tried to get Avery to do ‘open’ last night and his hands were all tangled together trying to figure it out…so cute!

  3. Yay to feeling better Avery! And I love the ruler. So adorable. And I am glad that Cassidy isn’t the only (almost) 16 month old with so many teeth. She has 12 and new ones are starting to pop through. People think it is crazy that she already has so many.

  4. I know exactly how you feel about posting the updates…it seems I’m posting one every other week, that’s how quickly the months fly by! And honestly these updates are so much more fun for me to write than the baby ones. So many new tricks! Avery is adorable as ever and I really love that ruler! We have a cute measuring stick from my MIL, but Annabel will NOT stand still for us to do it very well:)

  5. Love, love, love that measuring stick! I’ve noticed Trubba’s neck in his jammies getting pulled down in the back when he sits so I think I’m going to have to start buying some 24 month ones too. When did they get so big?? 😥

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