Breaking 130 – Week 12

Yeah, yeah.  I know I didn’t report last Friday.  I did weigh myself in tho, knowing I had gained because I hadn’t worked out all week and we had takeout a few nights because things were so hectic with a sick Avery that we just had to get by. And although the scale went up, we did get by.  We made it to this week, healthy & refreshed, and I was determined to continue this weight loss…

biggest loser challenge week 12

Workouts: It’s crunch time!  Only 4 weeks to go, so I was determined this week to squeeze in workouts (almost) every day…

  • Sunday: 60 min treadmill, high incline & brisk pace. (I did this while reading a required book for work.  Yay for multitasking!
  • Monday: 15 min squats, burpees, jumping jacks, etc. (Vinay’s night at the gym, so Avery and I worked out in the living room… well he thought I was dancing, but it was still a sweaty, calorie burning party!)
  • Tuesday: 70 min. stationary bike for warm up & Zumba!
  • Wednesday: rest
  • Thursday: 60 min at the gym – treadmill, ab & leg machines.
  • Friday: 60 min Zumba tonight!

My Goal: Break 130lbs by February 22nd.

Week 11 Weigh-in (last week)133.4.  Bleck.  So discouraging, but I knew it was a fluke week with no workout and bad eating… so I quickly forgot it and this week I was on a mission…

Week 12 Weigh-in: 131.4  Yay!  I’m down .6 from Week 10 (we’re gonna forget Week 11 ever happened).

Weight Lost: 6lbs (4.37%)  I’m 1 1/2 pounds from breaking 130!!! 4 weeks to go, so I need to average about 1/2 a pound a week…

biggest loser challenge week 12 weight loss chart

(ignore the 4lbs lost in the image.. for some reason it won’t recognize my weigh in today yet)

BMI: 24.4.  So excited to be in the green and move further away from the yellow danger zone!

bmi chart week 12

Clothing Size: 6.  And I’ve been thinking… once I get to my goal weight, I’m going to try on my wedding dress.  I’ll be 18lbs lighter than I was on my wedding day… it’ll be fun to see if it’s big on me!

Eating & Drinking:Calorie Counting: Yep, I’ve jumped back on the train.  I know it’s crunch time and I need to closely watch my calories in and out, so although it’s a pain to log it all, I’m determined to keep it up!  If I want to keep to 1/2 a pound a week, I need to keep my calories to 1200/day.  But on days I workout, I burn more calories and can thusly eat more, which makes sense because I’m starved after a workout!  I’m thinking about trying protein shakes for after workouts.  Suggestions/Thoughts?

  • Tuesday: Cals In:  1,928  Cals Out: 2,006  Net Cals: -78
  • Wednesday: Cals In: 1,301 Cals Out: 1,646 Net Cals: -345
  • Thursday: Cals In: 1,495 Cals Out: 2,000 Net Cals: -505

I’m using the FIT BIT to track cals & it’s working great.  Well, honestly I was a bit frustrated day 1 (Tuesday) because I was eating small, healthy meals & snacks all day, but the calories just kept racking up.  I had almost 900 calories when I left work and thought, good thing I’m going to Zumba tonight, cuz otherwise I wouldn’t have any calories for dinner!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not gonna starve myself.  I’m just going to be conscious of what I’m putting in my body.  Having to log everything makes you much much more aware of calories and what’s healthy and what’s not.  For example, Tuesday I had chex cereal, which was 260 calories!  Eek.  So Monday, I had yummy cheerios (100 calories).  And instead of a sandwich for lunch (the bread on that was 120 calories alone), I had a salad.  Little choices like that and I’ll HOPEFULLY be shedding these last measly pounds!  Seems to have worked this week!

FITBIT: Got this cool weekly report via email this week…


Sleeping: I have been averaging 7 hours a night, and Avery’s been sleeping thru, so that’s not bad.  But the cold frigid weather just makes me want to stay under the covers longer every morning!

Thoughts:  You know you’re losing weight when you wedding rings are about to fall off.   True story!  For weeks my wedding band and engagement ring have been really loose.  I broke down and told Vinay this week and I think I need to get them re-sized.  This is a good thing, right?  Well, in the weight department it is, but re-sizing platinum is really expensive apparently… ut oh…

Next Week Goals:

  • Maintain daily calorie counting
  • Workout 4+ times: Kickboxing Sat, Gym Sun, Zumba Tues, Gym Thurs?, Zumba Fri
  • Friday weigh in at 131

Are you a Calorie Counter?  Does it work for you?  Do you just keep the numbers in your head, or do you use an app?

20 thoughts on “Breaking 130 – Week 12

    • It was harder at first, but now it’s becoming second nature… and logging everything isn’t that bad. It does make me very conscious of everything I eat. I love days I go to the gym best, because I burn more, and therefore I can eat more!

  1. You are doing a great job. I count calories too. In fact, I’m an avid calorie counter. I’ve been counting since 2003 but was more consistent since 2007 (i.e. not missing a day, not even my wedding/honeymoon/when I delivered the baby, LOL). I am more laxed now with the calorie counting, but for the most part, I still log everything in. It really helped me lose weight in 2007. I’m only 4’11 and in 2006, when I met my husband and we started dating, I gained 20+ lbs. I went from 120 to 146. Calorie counting really kept me together — and it’s sad that i’m better at budgeting my calories than my bank book.

    My rings got really loose after Lili was born. It was to the point where if I raised my hand up, it would fling off. I didn’t end up getting them re-sized. Instead, I got a ring guard put on and they didn’t even charge me for that — but that’s because my sister works there. The ring guard can come right on. Just in case I gained more weight when I have another baby — plus, in the winter (and in the cold in general) my rings are always so much looser.

    Go to your jewelers and ask them about a ring guard. I think it costs like $5 or something.

    • Thanks so much, Rachel. Someone else suggested the ring guard. I’d never heard of the before. I’ll have to get them!

      You went up 20lbs?! Wow. That’s how I feel about how I slowly gained weight after college. I think i was in the 120s in college… but I’m not looking to go that low (yet!)… maybe after running a marathon I’ll be that skinny again!

      • Yes, look into getting them. I only have the guard on my engagement ring and on my bands, I keep on the inside.

        Girl, I couldn’t believe I blew up. I was denial until I saw a picture of myself that December 2006. By July 2007, I was 105 lbs. It was from calorie counting + I started to run — but it was way before running long distance. I was running maybe 3-6 miles 6 days a week and doing some strength. How do you like the app you use to calorie count?

      • the app is OK. It’s the FITBIT app, so it tracks how many calories I burn in a day, I add my food, and it tells me if I’m under or over. It’s convenient, but some of the foods arent in there and it only logs cals, not other stuff like carbs and fiber, suger, etc. I’ve used MyFitnessPal before and that logged everything else, which was nice to see, but at this point, simple and convenient is best for me. It’s hard to remember to log everything when im at work then at home and chasing avery around. It was hardest over this weekend, but I stuck to it. I didn’t even go over when we went out for Vinay’s birthday Saturday night!

    • Awe, thanks Elske! What motivates you? Setting a goal? Looking forward to something? I have to set a goal for myself and blogging about it keeps me motivated since I have to report to the world.

      • I’m not sure at the moment, I used to love excercise (I was training to run a marathon when I messed up my knee) but I just can’t motivate myself at the moment and because of my husband’s crazy work hours it is tricky to do anything in the evening and when he finally has a weekend off I want to spend it with him and Elisabeth. I’m sure it is just a matter of time and I will get motivated again soon. Maybe setting a goal and blogging about it is a good idea, I’ll consider it 🙂

      • I’m sorry to hear about your knee, Elske. I’ve never had any fitness injuries, so I can’t relate. That must have been a tough set-back. But when the time is right, for you and your family, you’ll fit it back into your schedule. I ran 1 1/2 miles last night and it felt wonderful! Great stress relief and I feel so accomplished and good about myself after!

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