It’s freezing out!!!  And we don’t even have snow on the ground.  What a croc.  We were supposed to get up to 4 inches on Monday night – and I was seriously disappointed when I left the house in gloves, ear muffs, and snow boots 10 minutes early excited to shovel some snow, and the only snow I saw was a thin blanket on my car.  Boo!

Maybe we’re on our way to ANOTHER year without snow.  I could think of a lot of things we could have done with the $670 we spent on a brand new snow blower a year and a half ago. Grumble.

And to top it off, the freezing weather is creeping into our office.  I’m in a thick sweater and I can barely move my fingers on the keyboard!  Burrr!!!  And I planned to get a salad at lunch, which means venturing out to get it… in this frigid air… eek!  Not smart thinking on my part!

So, what to do?  Warm myself up with photos of Avery playing in the (little) snow we’ve seen this winter (most of which was in Vermont!)


Grampy giving Avery a lesson on not eating the ‘yellow snow’


Avery and Grampy outside in VT (i took the pic thru the window… see me?!)

Are you freezing today?  Have you seen any snow this winter?  Send some our way…


4 thoughts on “Burrrrr!

  1. We got that one huge blizzard with 13 inches but other than that it has only been a light dusting here and there. Which is crazy being that we are almost through January!

    It is freezing here too.It was -6 earlier but is now up to 18 (not sure where it is at with windchill though). I agree, if it is going to be this cold we may as well have some pretty snow!

    • yeah, sounds like you have the same weather as us. They said on the radio this morning (while i was shivering in my car waiting for it to heat up) that we’d be lucky to see 20 degrees today.

  2. Your question “Are you freezing today?” just made me laugh. It’s 75 and sunny out as I type this. Just got home from work and going to load up the stroller, walk to Annabel’s school to pick her up and stop at the park on the way home. That’s “winter” in Texas for you! 🙂

    • jealous!!! It was a whopping 3 degrees this morning. I would complain that it’s cold, but my Mom said it was 19 below in VT this morning, so hey, it could be worse!

      I am sooo looking forward to spring and being able to take Avery outside again! Send me some warm Texas vibes while you’re at the park 🙂

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