On the Mend

I can truly say I’m happy to see Monday.  Last week was a blur of running to and from work to Avery’s daycare, to the doctors, and eventually to the ER.  The days at home with a sick kiddo ran together and starting my day at 2am because of a coughing fit was becoming the norm.  I was worried about Avery, seriously sleep deprived, and super stressed about racking up the hours I needed to makeup at work.  I am sooo glad that week is over!

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Everything took a nice turn when Avery was diagnosed with Pnemonia.  I know, that sounds horrible, but we were so happy to know what was wrong with him and we had medicine and a plan to make him better.  By Friday, he was back in daycare and his usual can’t stay still for 30 seconds self.


We spent the weekend mornings swapping naps (Me & Vinay) and in the afternoons we did some low key activities like grocery shopping and visiting the mall play place.  Other than a couple coughing fits a day, Avery is back to normal.  He’s also embraced the nebulizer … well, moreso he knows he gets a treat to watch ELMO while using it, but it’s a much easier task than our horror of a first day using it.  It really seems to help him too, so now that he doesn’t flip out, we are happy to use it.

I was even able to go to Zumba Friday night and I spent an hour at the gym Sunday while Avery was napping.  Because of our crazy week, we (Vinay & I) put aside our needs and didn’t hit the gym like usual, and we were so focused on just making it to the next day that we ordered out food 4 meals that week.  I know, that’s so bad.  And I paid for it on my Friday weigh-in (which I didn’t write about cuz it was NOT GOOD), but we just needed to make it thru the week.  It was a ‘crisis mode’ and we made due.  This week will hopefully be back to normal and we’ll be back to the gym, cooking healthy dinners at home, and getting a restful night’s sleep.  Last night was actually the first night in the past week he slept thru the night – he’s been waking up from coughing every couple hours.  I was actually happy when I heard my alarm go off at 4:30am… because it was the first time I had woken up since putting my head to the pillow at 9:30pm. 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep = happy mommy!

Avery’s at home with Daddy today (daycare closed on MLK day) and I’m getting photo updates on their shenanegans…


So, we’re starting off this week refreshed, healthy, and Avery is back to his normal goofy self….Happy Monday!

Is the cold season over yet?  After our Christmas stomach bug and this, I dread any additional ailments….

21 thoughts on “On the Mend

    • Thank you… it was a rough week, but I just had to keep telling myself that it wasn’t gonna last forever. I’m happy to be starting a normal week. Happy Monday 🙂

  1. Sick kids = no fun. Glad your little one is on the mend; and it’s a smart idea to reward nebulizer use, so he doesn’t freak out over it. Our daughter, now 18, has had severe asthma since she was 2, so I’m afraid I’m all too familiar with the ER/no sleep routine!

    • Thanks, Tessa. You’ll get there… hopefully before we did! 13 months was WAY too long to go without sleep… so I hope Wes gives you a break sooner 🙂

  2. Oh, man what a crazy week! So glad that Avery is on the mend and that you guys can settle back into your routine. Sick kiddos are the worst. So sad….and so tiring!

    • Thanks, Adrianne – day two of this week and we all got 7+ hours of sleep last night (uninterrupted) and yesterday was hubbys gym day, so hopefully I get mine tonight!

    • Yes, some mornings it does… but that’s because I work in the construction industry and have to be in the office by 7am. So if I want to get in early and makeup hours (without losing time with Avery in the evening) it means getting up that early… kinda stinks, but we do what we have to. I’m trying to makeup hours from last week that I lost having to stay home one day and leave early two days, instead of using vacation time. We’d like to save vacation time for the days we’re actually feeling good!

  3. Awww bless him! Good to know his feeling so much better now. This cold season has just been horrible and can’t wait to see the end of it here too!

  4. I hear ya. I am exhausted and almost a little depressed by all of the illnesses that have hit our household. In a very whiny tone I just want to pout “It’s not fair!” I am so ready for spring!

    I am also happy to see that Avery is feeling better AND that you are able to get some much needed rest. Hang in there mama!

    • Awe, thanks. Now that Avery is better I can get myself back in order… getting some much needed sleep and time at the gym this week to rest up and de-stress!

  5. Wow, it looks like you have had a stressful January. So happy to hear that Avery is doing well. Miss you all. Ps. I forward your e-mail to Kris, I just need him to check his schedule to confirm he is not on call.

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