Phooey Pnemonia

It’s 1:30PM on Thursday and where am I writing this from?  My dining room table.  That’s right, home again with sick Avery.  BUT it’s a good sick day because we know what he has and have meds to make him allllll better!

I got ‘the call’ again at work yesterday at 2PM.  Avery was napping when they noticed he had a high fever (103!).  They said he was normal all morning.  So we rushed to get him, the doc’s office couldn’t take him until 6PM, and the poor little guy was so lathargic, red in the face, and burning up.  We didn’t want to sit around while he was in misery, so to the ER we went!  After less than 10 minutes of waiting, we were in.  The staff was awesome.  They asked all sorts of questions and went to work… first they plunged his nose and put in saline drops.  Then he used a nebulizer.  They took pictures of his chest, and the xray showed pnemonia.  The doc confirmed the location of it after Avery was breating a little better, and he didn’t have any other infections or RSV.  Mystery solved!

By the time they sent us home with a prescription, Avery was bouncing around… climbing on the bed, under the bed, touching this button and that switch.  The kid was back to normal.  We dosed him with meds before bedtime, and after he fell asleep, we used the nebulizer on him – BIG thanks to my cousin Amy for suggesting that!  He still wasn’t breathing well, so we put saline drops in his nose (which he DID NOT like) but helped.  He finally fell asleep and was up every 2 hours all night, but just needed a pacifier and quick pat and he fell back asleep.

So, because he had a fever at daycare (again) he can’t go back for 24 hours.  So, Momma and Avery had a day at home together.  The little bugger was all over the place this morning.  We played with Thomas the Train, threw balls back and forth, watched cars out the window, and he got spoiled and watched Elmo while I gave him the nebulizer twice today.  He didn’t fuss at all, and his fever is gone.  He’s napping now, and has been asleep for over an hour and no peep from him!

I’m waiting for Vinay to get here and I’m gonna head off to work and try to make up some of these zillion ‘debt’ hours I’ve racked up this week.  It’ll be Daddy & Avery tonight.  I’ll work as late as I can, and hopefully more this weekend.  That way I don’t have to use a vacation day and we can save those for actual vacations when everyone isn’t sick!

Happy Thursday!

Have you taken your kids to the ER?  This was our first time and it was actually a pleasant experience and they did a great job – much better than Avery’s Doc’s office acutally…


4 thoughts on “Phooey Pnemonia

  1. Our poor Aaaav, poor lil guy…Uncle Paul and Aunt Candy send their love and hugs from VT to all of you in Braintree. We love you all and hope that Avery’s bug free and feeling great
    “for real” soon. You, lil woman take care of yourself and stay HEALTHY! Big. BIG, BIG hugs from us to you’s

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