High Five for Friday

The busy holidays are over, so no more excuses not to post my H54F!

1. New Kicks

As I mentioned in my Month 2 update of paying off my student loans by my 30th birthday, I earned a $10 gift card to Shoebuy.com from playing on http://www.SaveUp.com.  I had been thinking about new gym shoes for weeks now.  The ones I have are 2+ years old, I think.  They’re falling apart, the tred is gone… so I really needed a new pair of shoes.  So I splurged and got a new pair….

which were only 45$ with the gift card, so it wasn’t too bad.  Plus I’m determined to keep them in good condition and only wear them at the gym.  They haven’t stepped foot outside!  They have been a pain in the butt to break in though.  My ankles get very annoyed with how stiff the shoes still are, but they’re slowly breaking in.

2. Swimming

My Aunt and Uncle visited us this week.  Avery and I played hookey Wednesday and hung out with them.. first we went to their hotel and used their pool.  Avery LOVED it!  This makes me realize I should take him swimming more, or do a swimming class, maybe at the local Y? Here’s Avery in his swimming trunks making a phone call in their hotel room, post swim.
Then we went to the mall to stroll some laps and then to the playplace to burn some energy.  We had lunch at the mall and went back to the house to play…which involved Uncle Paul getting inside Avery’s tunnel and we set up a bunch of Avery’s Christmas toys they brought down from VT (that we didn’t have room for in the car when we came home).

3. Celtics

That night, Erin watched Avery while we went to the Celtics & Suns game (Vinay’s Xmass Gift).
celtics game

Avery did not join us, but he dressed for the occasion…



What the heck is on the left of that picture?  Is it my foot?  I’m so confused…
4. Avery, the Independent Eater!

We’ve been really working the spoon and fork lately with Avery.  He’s gotten so great at it.  Yeah, sometimes he’d rather scoop his hand into a bowl of applesauce instead of using the spoon in his other hand, but he’s getting the hang of it!  Avery prefes to use a fork now – he will whine when you give him food, until you hand him the fork.  Then he’s happy and makes it a mission to get the food on the fork.  I though we were making progress, but the real kicker was when the ladies at daycare said that he was pretty much feeding himself now at lunchtime… what a big boy he is!


5. Grammy & Grampy Weekend

We’re off tonight to visit Grammy & Grampy for the weekend!  I have lots of work I need to catch up on, so they’ll keep Avery occupied… plus I hear they’re hosting family Saturday night so that’ll be a fun break from my work!


What’s your 5 this week?


10 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

  1. Sounds like you had a great week! Adorably pics this week. 🙂 Isn’t it fun to watch the little ones work on using utensils??!!

  2. Good list, Meghan! I love getting new gym shoes. I always let my old ones get WAY TOO OLD… but the new ones make me feel like a fitness queen. HA HA! Avery is getting so big. I don’t know if it’s the angle of the camera… but the boy looks so tall. 🙂 Growing fast!

    • Thanks! He is so cute in it! It’s size 24 months and just barely fits him. If the game was 2 months from now, he’d have outgrown it… the kid is getting taller and taller by the minute!

  3. Avery is just too cute. I hope you guys had a wonderful “date” night. P has been dying to go to a Brooklyn Nets game at Barclay’s. Hasnt’ happened yet. Hopefully soon.

  4. That’s awesome that Avery loved swimming! I’m worried that by the time we get Annabel in a pool again, she will have forgotten how fun it is and will only be scared. I hope not! Love the jersey pics too:)

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