Breaking 130 – Week 10

Another week down… and more pounds with it!
biggest loser challenge week 10

Our Workout Plan: Zumba 1 night/wk, 1 weekend workout (60 min) We busted our butts this weekend and hit a kickboxing class on Saturday morning, went to the gym for another hour on Sunday, and last night did Zumba!  If our schedules allow, we’re gonna try to do that kickboxing class more often… it’s killer!

My Goal: Break 130lbs by February 22nd.

Week 2 Weigh-in132.  Down 0.2 from last week – which doesn’t seem like much, but I have a feeling these last few pounds are going to be the hardest, so every little bit helps!

Weight Lost: 5.4lbs.  Only 3lbs to go in 6 weeks.  So if I wanna stay on track, I need to lose a half pound a week. My future weigh-ins should look like this:

  • Week 11: 131.5
  • Week 12: 131
  • Week 13: 130.5
  • Week 14: 130
  • Week 15: 129.5
  • Week 16: 129

biggest loser challenge week 10 weight loss chart

BMI: 24.5

Clothing Size: 6.  But my pants are super-big.  I noticed this week that my body is really changing.  My huge butt, isn’t that huge now.  And my legs are looking thinner… pretty exciting!  I think I’ll try on my goal (size 4) jeans next week at my weigh-in.

Eating & Drinking: I’ve been good about eating at work and during the day.  I did cheat a bit when my aunt and uncle visited…. I had a slice of Sara Lee pie and nachos at the Celtics game… but that’s not too bad.  I’m trying to drink more water and have almost nixed out soda.  I have a sip here and there but never a glass to myself.

Sleeping: I had a rough week with Avery.  The little bugger thought it would be fun to wake up at 430 & 530 the past week.  Oh dear have I been tired!  I’ll catch up this weekend though because we’re going to visit Grammy & Grampy.

FIT BIT: I LOVE my fit bit.  I forgot it in the bathroom this morning though (major bummer).  Yesterday and the day before I hit over 10,000 steps each day.  I average 3-4k a day, so those were big days.

Thoughts:  I think I need to buckle down on eating well and consistently working out to knock off these last few pounds.  I remember these being the hardest to get rid of years ago.  I just need to keep switching up my workout and making sure I burn more each day than I eat.  The fit bit keeps track of calories burned, and although I don’t ‘count’ calories, I am mindful of what I eat and how it adds up.  I always weigh what I eat against how many calories I’ve burned so far that day.

And to follow up with my 13 in 2013 idea last week… I think I’ll do it.  I’ve looked up some training routines for 5k’s, and it seems like a great way to keep myself in shape after I meet my goal weight.  I would only need to workout every other day and only 30-40 minutes… so that seems manageable.

Oh and guess what I got????  New shoes!!!  More details later today…

Next Week Goals & Ideas: Run a few miles on my mom’s treadmill this weekend in VT & Zumba one night during the week.

Haw do you kick those last few pesky pounds?


6 thoughts on “Breaking 130 – Week 10

  1. You are doing great and I don’t think those cheat days are bad at all. I think they trick your body — just drink lots of water that day and the next and you’re good to go. Love that your pants are feeling looser and that your legs are looking thinner. You’re on your way to your goal weight!!! Keep it up.

    • thanks, Rachel. I really appreciate the encouragement. After I hit my goal weight and I feel in shape, I’m gonna start training for a 5k and see where to go from there!

  2. Congratulations Meghan! You are working really hard and it shows! I’m right there with you, my weight is hanging around 131, and I’m trying to get down into my size 4 jeans too. I started this vegan diet, but I’m now eating more carbs. So, although I’m eating more healthy, I’m consuming more calories than my body is used to. Grrrrr. That just means I need hit the gym, ha! Your posts encourage me, keep it up.

    • Oooo vegan? How’s that going? I cut back on the carbs this past week and it really makes a difference. I didn’t realize we were so close in size and weight, that’s pretty cool. How tall are you? What’s your plan to hit the gym? I have no idea how I’d keep in shape if I had TWO Averys!

      • I’m 5’3″, and I must confess, it’s tough to hit the gym. We just cancelled our membership because we haven’t been in 6 months. I work 2 days a week, so it puts a damper in my free time. Leaving the house is an ordeal with 2 pre-toddlers. Really, I just need to get motivated. I love run/walks with the jogging stroller, and I like my Jilian Michaels’ Shred video. It’s only 20 minutes. You seem to have a great routine! I’m hoping you’ll inspire me. 🙂

      • Yeah, I can’t imagine squeezing in workout time with two kiddos… so even a 20 min video is great for you! I found it MUCH easier to workout after Avery turned 1. He’s so easy going now if I leave him with hubby for an hour while I workout… plus I’m over the guilt thing… I don’t feel bad about not being with him every second… especially since working out makes me happier and healthier, which makes me a better role model and mommy to him.

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