DIY Holiday Gifts

I’ve been waiting until after the holidays to share three projects we (Avery & I) made in December for holiday gifts.  Now that (almost) everyone has received their gifts, I can share how I made them…

Footprint Socks

  • Supplies: 3 pair of socks, fabric paint, feet
  • Cost: $6 for the socks, already had the paint, and we used Avery’s feet(also free!)
  • Time: 45 min (with a toddler, that’s pretty quick! Deni, this may qualify as on of your ‘you can accomplish this before you effing head explodes projects!)
  • Tips: Follow this with a bath (for the foot), wear clothes you don’t mind getting paint on, and do it on a floor you can wipe up the paint (not carpet!)

I sat (with Avery in my lap) on the floor, painted his foot, pressed it on the sock (laying on the floor in front of me), wiped off Avery’s foot.  He ran around while I put the sock out of reach to dry and added his name/initials and year.  Repeat.




The three pair of socks went to Erin, Aunt Sarah, & Great Aunt Candy.


  • Supplies: 1 fitness shirt, scissors, tape, fabric paint, sponge, exacto knife, printer & computer
  • Cost: $7 for the shirt (it was super on sale!!!), I had all the other supplies
  • Time: 1-3 hours (It took me 3 because I had to use a knife since I couldn’t find my exacto kit, so it took FOREVER to cut out the text)
  • Tips: Do this project without kiddos around – I did it after Avery was in bed for the night.  It requires concentration so you don’t mess it up.

#1 print the ZUMBA text & symbol in different sizes.  #2 cut it out.  #3 tape it to the shirt.  #4 use a sponge to apply the paint

#5 let dry (I did steps 1-5 one evening, let dry overnight, did the next steps the next day).  #6 cut out the slits (you can do this on the sleeves or the back, etc.
#7 cut out the neckline
#8 try it on (this is essential, lol, and fun!) I was able to determine the size the slits needed to be


#9 carefully stretch out the pieces from the slits. it makes the material tighten and not looked like someone just took a scissor to a shirt.

I would include a picture of Erin wearing the shirt, but after I gave it to her, she lost it!!!  I know, how rude! LOL.  I’m sure she’ll find it 🙂

Handprint Tree

I have to confess, I got this idea from Pinterest.  So I can’t take full credit.  But I loved the idea, so we had to make TWO.  One for my parents, and one for my MIL (who actually hasn’t got hers yet, eek…so hopefully she doesn’t see this!).

  • Supplies: printer & computer (with a paint program), fabric paint, paper, picture frame, scissors
  • Cost: $5-$15 for the picture frame, I had all the other supplies
  • Time: 1 hour 30 min to make the tree & 30 for the handprints
  • Tips: Follow this with a bath or intense hand washing, and wear clothes you don’t mind getting paint on

#1 Find a picture of a tree without leaves online, save it.  Open in a ‘paint’ program.  Add name/text under the tree (you could do a handprint from each family member and write the family name & year), print on 8-1/2 x 11 paper.  #2 tape the paper to a table (so it doesn’t move around) #3 paint a hand, push on paper for handprint.  #4 Repeat until desired amount of prints (you can use different colors like we did) #5 let dry.  #6 put into picture frame (you may need to cut down to frame size)
Did gift any DIY projects this holiday?


12 thoughts on “DIY Holiday Gifts

  1. Very cute! I love DIY. I don’t have much time to do them though — or maybe I’m just making excuses. I do a lot of other projects w/ the kids though! Avery is too cute. 🙂

    • yeah, I hear ya. DIY is hard to find time for, which is why we only did a couple projects and started in early Dec. Avery brings home lots of ‘art’ projects from ‘school’ so he does plenty of it there 🙂

  2. Those are all really cute! Annabel and I will definitely have to do some DIY gifts next year! This year the only DIY I did was baking cookies for coworkers. But I packaged them really cutely, so that has to count for something:)

    • haha, yes that does count! It’s hard to find the time and energy, and get a toddler to cooperate for a DIY project, but they’re worth a try sometimes… I didn’t go overboard knowing I wouldn’t have time to do everything I wanted (another reason I RARELY go on Pinterest.. so many cool things I wanna make, and don’t have the time, so it frustrates me! lol)

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