Breaking 130 – Week 9

We’re past the halfway point!  Only 7 weeks to go…
biggest loser challenge week 9 weight loss chart

Our Workout Plan: Zumba 1 night/wk, 1 weekend workout (60 min) Because of the holiday, we haven’t worked out since last Friday (eek, I know!).  We tried to go on New Year’s Day, but when we got to the gym, it was closed!  We’re doing kickboxing tomorrow though, can’t wait!  That class is killer!

My Goal: Break 130lbs by February 22nd.

Week 2 Weigh-in132.2.  Down another 0.8 from last week, which is beyond surprising since I was sick last week and I haven’t worked out much in the past week.  Oh well, I’ll take it!

Weight Lost: 5.2lbs.  Only 3.8lbs to go in 7 weeks.

biggest loser challenge week 9

BMI: 24.6 So glad keep moving under 25!

Clothing Size: 6.  If I’m loosing this much weight and still can’t fit into a 4, I don’t think it’s gonna happen.  Maybe it’s because of my ‘child bearing’ hips… I just don’t have the body I did back in college, and that’s OK.  I can live with being a 6, as long as I still feel good and think I look good.

Eating & Drinking: I’ve been pretty good.  The last few days I’ve cut out carbs at dinner and that’s making a big difference.  Instead of putting my dinner on a plate with a side of rice or pasta, I put it on a bed of lettuce.  Still filling and I still have room for a cookie or chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Sleeping: I’m staying up way too late.  I need to get in more sleep.  I have a head cold that I hope will quickly go away.  More sleep would help that for sure.

Cheats: I’ve been munching on the holiday goodies, but in serious moderation.  1 cookie, or one chocolate and that’s it for the day.  No donuts on Friday at work, but I still have pizza…. looking forward to that today.

362550-fitbit-oneFIT BIT: I’m back into using my fitbit.  I can’t wait to see how many steps I get at kickboxing!  In a normal day I take 2,000 – 4,000 steps.  And I think that’s a lot considering I have a ‘desk job’.

Thoughts:  I’m psyched for kickboxing tomorrow morning!  I gotta get back into 2-3 times/wk at the gym…. these colds just need to go away!  And I’m excited that I started this health kick weeks before the holidays… it’s nice to be ahead of the game and deep into meeting my goals while everyone else is on the start of their New Years resolutions.  I have a feeling the gym will be very busy for a few weeks.

Oh and I’m already thinking about what’s next.  I don’t want my health kick to end, but don’t want my goal to be to loose weight, so I’m thinking about doing the 13 in 2013 challenge.  I would need to complete 13 races this year… anything from a 5k to a marathon.  I’m not committing yet, but I think after next month (when I break 130), I’ll start that up.  I used to run in highschool, and I enjoyed it – but it was also a challenge.  That would be a good way to keep in shape the rest of the year…thoughts?

Next Week Goals & Ideas: Kickboxing tomorrow morning, maybe gym on Sunday, and Zumba next week.

Has the New Year launched a health kick for you?


3 thoughts on “Breaking 130 – Week 9

    • thanks. I’m getting close to it wondering if those last few lbs will be the hardest and be stubborn to get off, or they will keep melting away? 130 has been my neimisis for years… haven’t been able to get under it. I haven’t been this close to it since college!

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