Our holiday weekend was good, and bad.  There were wonderful presents and we saw our family and friends… but we were hit with a bug that put us out of commission for days.  It hit me and Grammy XMass Eve, Vinay last night, and Avery & Grampy today.  Apparently we all shared our germs at our family Christmas party Saturday and everyone is catching it and it’s referred to as ‘the plague.’

While we’re fighting ‘the plague’… enjoy some fun holiday photos of Avery.  I totally missed the holiday card this year (mommy FAIL), but hey, I can only do so much with a toddler that won’t stand still for 1/2 a second.  I swear, out of 100 photos, Avery was a blur in 90 of them.  Here are a few of the decent ones.  Happy Holidays!

Avery Merry Christmas 6

Avery Merry Christmas 5

Avery Merry Christmas 4

Avery Merry Christmas 3

Avery Merry Christmas 2

Avery Merry Christmas 1

Avery Merry Christmas 8

Avery Merry Christmas 7



    • Thanks, Amber. I wish we had been healthier and could have visited longer. We’ll have to setup a play date with the kiddos sometime this spring/summer when they can run around outside and we can sitback and relax together while we watch them 🙂

  1. Hope you all begin to feel better soon. The Avery pictures are awesome! It was at this age that I invested in a Nikon SLR. Now I can snap pictures quickly and get my kid’s smiling faces instead of their backside!! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  2. hope you all feel better soon! It is so hard to take pics of a busy toddler. What size jammies are Avery wearing? Size 12 months are barely fitting Caleb now and the 18 months ones are too big. There is no in between size.

    • Hi Fen. I’m so glad you asked! Avery has outgrown 12 month clothes and some 18 month clothes. It depends on the brand, but right now the best fit are 18-24mo size. I know what you mean by being in between… Avery needs longer pants, but the next size up is too big for his waist and they fall down or we have to fold them over. See if you can find a brand that does the month range 12-18. Hope that helps!

      • Wow…your guy is tall! Most clothes, Caleb will fit into the 18 months. Just the pjs are too big…at least 4 to 5 inches longer. I’ve been putting him the bigger ones anyways and he just drags a bit. lol.

    • Thanks! We’re recovering… Avery’s fever is gone and is off to daycare today. I was only able to work 5 hours yesterday, so getting thru a full day today will be a success for me. My appetite isn’t really back but I’m eating to get my energy back.

  3. Great pics! Sorry to hear about the plague. 😦 We have had a terrible cold going around our house as well. Tis the season right? 😉

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