Avery Meets Thomas

This week we FINALLY opened the last of Avery’s birthday presents (3 months after his birthday).  Avery technically unwrapped them all at his big SUPER Birthday Bash… but we put 1/2 of them away and have slowly rotated them in, and put away older toys he’s outgrown.  This week, we took out his last gift… Thomas the Train.  I wasn’t a big Thomas fan as a kid (maybe it’s a boy thing?), but Avery sure was into it…


As I pulled the pieces out of the box, Avery watched intently.  I introduced him to Thomas, and showed him how he moved on a piece of track.  I said ‘Choo Choo’… a sound Avery makes when playing with his wood train from Papa.  Avery grabbed Thomas and pushed him around and thru the draw bridge thing (hey, I’m new to this, don’t know all the technical terms for these parts of this set yet)


So, while he was playing I went to work on setting up the track.  I of coarse had to get out the map/instructions that showed how the pieces went together.  Pretty simple figure 8 setup… and I started putting the rail puzzle pieces in order.  Until…


…Avery decided to be his destructive boy self… pulling the pieces apart, picking them up and THROWING them….clapping them together.  For a while I tried to calmly explain to Avery that he ‘wasn’t helping’ and tried putting the pieces back together… like I could talk some sense into the kid or something.  Eventually I gave up and just sat and watched the madness unfold…


Oh here Mommy, let me help and bring you some pieces to put together that I’ll just tear apart about 3 seconds after you make the track…


I don’t think he really gets the concept yet… which isn’t a bad thing since the toy is techinically for 3+ years.  It was, however,  absolutely amusing and fun to ‘play’ together.  After Avery exuded all most his energy on tearing everything apart, I was able to distract him by pushing Thomas down the draw bridge thing, so Avery tried to mimic it…


and while he was busy doing that (and mocking my ‘choo-choos’..he’s too darn cute!) I slowly built out the tracks around him…


and wa-la, I set the whole track up! (#proudmomma)


Next step is to get him a low table for the track, and a friend suggested using velcro to hold the pieces down… because you know about point five seconds after I took this picture, Avery picked up the WHOLE track and we were back to clapping pieces together, and throwing them across the room…

Have your kids met Thomas? Did they have a more somber greeting or do all kids(or boys?) go thru this throwing, clapping, and wrecking stage?  I’m sure Thomas isn’t the last to feel the wrath of Avery….


10 thoughts on “Avery Meets Thomas

  1. part of the fun is also letting them build their own tracks. 🙂 that was what Avery’s trying to do 😉 “I do it myself Ma!” Some people glue down the tracks (or nail them). We have never done it because as they get older, they like to make their own configuration (as the Thomas stuff grows out of control). Alyson loves them, especially on a table her height. (Just a tip. Train tables ALWAYS gets marked down A LOT during the holidays, so if you don’t buy one this year, wait until next. Imaginarium sets (a fraction of the price) are interchangeable with Thomas (though I like the Thomas stuff more). So we got the Imaginarium table to use with the Thomas train. I am so glad he likes it! 🙂

  2. Love it! He’s too cute. My husband’s nephew, (I guess my nephew now too) grew up with Thomas. It was Thomas everything. He’s 9 now and out of it, but that was his favorite. And let me tell you — it is EDUCATIONAL. He knew all the names of the trains, the #s, colors, etc.

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