That’s a Wrap

This weekend I was on a mission… we finished 99% of our holiday shopping by Saturday at noon and everything was wrapped by Sunday night.  Done and done!

Yes, our dining room did look like a tornado of elves  came thru…


but why keep things all neat and tidy while I was wrapping this and Avery was helping me make the mess…unraveling the ribbon… or tape?  Oh dear.  I should have thought about that one.  He loves pulling the tape out of the dispenser.  Maybe it’s the cool sound it makes, or that it’s sticky, but whatever it is… he was entertained for a bit…

I thought it was great.  Hilarious.  That was until… I ran out of tape.  I just had to push the ‘pause’ button on my wrapping spree and grab some more tape after I hit the gym that night (yep…I went to the gym Saturday night… I ran 1.5 miles Rachel…and could have kept going! )

So with only one minor setback, everything was wrapped and tucked neatly under our adorable REAL Christmas tree.


Do you notice how TOP HEAVY our tree is now?  All the lower ornaments had to move north, because Avery just loved taking them off the tree and tried to throw put them back on.  Yah, it may look a muck, but we love it.

Vinay even sat down with me and helped wrap Avery’s stocking stuffers.  Now the 1% of stuff we have left includes each others stocking stuffers, I have to pick one gift up at the mall (it had to get engraved), pick up a bottle of wine, etc… just minor little things.  We’re off to VT for the holiday on Saturday morning so although you’re thinking ‘man, she’s way ahead of the game’ … I’m not really cuz I need it all wrapped and packed up by Friday night.

Speaking of the holiday… we had brunch with friends Sunday and Avery opened three gifts.  He did pretty well opening them.  I ripped a piece of paper and then he’s pull it off.  But as soon as he saw the gift, he forgot about the wrapping and just started playing with it, while still half wrapped.

He went home with a new cell phone (so many he won’t play with ours?), set of adorable clothes, and a saxophone!


I’m so glad we decided only to do stocking stuffers for Avery this year.. he’s gonna get so many gifts…he’d rather play with everyday objects more than toys anyways.   He played with the Sax for about 15 seconds then he was done with that and played under their dining room table, using it like a jungle gym.  I swear, get him a laundry basket or Tupperware and he’d be a happy kid.

What’s under the tree for your little ones this year?


14 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap

  1. OHHH, I love the saxaphone!!! I bet Avery loves it too. I’m going to have to keep that gift in mind when my girlfriend has a baby. She teaches music and plays in concerts. Also, babies just love instruments. Lili loves beating on drums, strumming the guitar, etc.

    Your tree looks great. I know what you mean about the babes helping us. Lili is obsessed with trying to get the scissors. Ugh.

    • you think so? I feel like I’m sooo behind this year. So much that I tried taking pictures of Avery for a Xmass card to send out but the darn kid wont stay still… so forget those this year! And we leave for VT to celebrate the holidays Saturday morning so I still have to finish up the loose ends with the presents and pack all our gear by friday night… eek.

      • and it’s true about the tupperware and boxes. lol. He’d rather play with boxes, bringing the salad spinner to the living room, and carrying around the giant bucket we used for rice.

  2. Congrats on all your gifting and wrapping! We finished this weekend as well. I wrapped family-by-family all week, and then my husband and I did one final wrap on Saturday morning before Bergen got up. We too leave on Saturday–so we had to get it all done! This year we got Bergen a mini piano. Some friends of ours had one, and he had such a ball playing it, that we decided he needed one of his own. Other than that, we’re leaving all the other gifts up to friends and relatives 🙂

    • a mini piano?! That’s a great idea. What a cool gift! And it’s good to know we’re not the only family going light on the gift giving… I bet Bergen will get lots of other gifts and that’s what you’re expecting… like us.

  3. Weston is the exact same – he’ll play with our TV remotes or drink coasters or, his current favorite, the Kleenex box! – before he’ll play with any of his actual toys. Sigh! He won’t get much this year from us since his relatives will be spoiling him senseless. I’ve gotta try and keep him humble, hehe!

    Love the saxophone; maybe he’ll play with it more as he grows?!

    Happy holidays! Enjoy Vermont. 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks, Brandi. We too expect lots of spoiling from family and friends and knowing Avery he’ll play with the gift for 15-30 second then be more amused with a water bottle or playing under a dining room chair…

  4. I love that he would rather play with the household objects. It makes sense he sees you guys using those things all the time and wants in on the action 🙂 He is just the cutest! We are gonna be super late to the Valyou christmas because we have a market this weekend but Wes will be going with Grandma and Grandpa, I hope we get to see you guys!

    • I hope we get to see you guys too – at least we’re guaranteed to see Wes! I heard the party doesn’t start til 3, so hopefully you can make the tail end of it.

      Oh and on the same note of household objects, Avery spent 30 min last night putting batteries in and out of a flashlight… seriously sitting quietly and entertained. Anything but a real toy… so don’t buy Wes any toys… your parents will do enough of that… just give him pots and pans and he’ll be a happy kid!

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