High Five for Friday

Although I’m bummed about this morning’s weigh in, it is still Friday.  Tomorrow I’ll wrap up all my holiday shopping and I have two full days with Avery.  I missed my little guy while I was on the road trip, and I cherish my few hours a night with him.  On that note, here’s 5 fun moments with Avery this week…

1. Monkeying Around
We thought we toddler-proofed… wrong!  This kid things everything now is a jungle gym.  Luckily our stove has a lock…

2. Cars & Cheetos


Not as bad as texting and driving… but Avery loves multi-tasking (hmmm wonder who he gets that from) and pre-dinner Cheetos snack wasn’t enough… he had to drive around in the kitchen while munching on it…

3. Mohawk


The ladies at daycare are so sweet.  They take some awesome photos of Avery during the day.  This week they gave all the kids mohawks and Avery actually has enough hair to pull it off!

4. Dinner & Bath Time

I love giving Avery dinner every night… some nights it’s hard to get him to eat anything, but he can be so silly.  Last night I let Avery have fun at dinner… he squeezed this container of juice & veggie mush and it was EVERYWHERE!  It almost looks like a massacre!  This then lead to a much needed bath…


5. Present Wrapping


Avery loves ‘helping’ mommy.  While I was wrapping presents, he had fun pulling ALL the tape out of the dispenser.  Then he was in charge of the ribbon…


What’s your 5 this week?


6 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

  1. Avery is such a happy baby!!! I love that smile. Lili is a messy eater too — and she insists on feeding herself even though most of her food ends up on the floor or in her clothes — sometimes in her diaper. How the heck does that even happen???? Two oneises and a pair of pants?!? Oh, and the multitasking thing — Lili likes to carry something in both hands and walk up the stairs — I’m like, “great this kid is going to fall…”

    Have a wonderful weekend!

      • If you take off the brown paper, I wrapped it up in Christmas paper. BUT, I don’t know if I put a sticker/label on it. It was such a crazy week that week. I was just trying to get the packages OUT the door. 🙂

      • I was wondering that… I peaked under the brown paper and saw the wrapping…and since it’s in his stocking, we’ll know who it’s from!

  2. That stove trick is the worst (best)! Our oven has a lock too but we quickly realized it was faulty. So keep an eye on yours. Otherwise, enjoy! Mac no longer scales the oven. . .as you are well aware, he’s moved on to other obstacles.

    I know Avery is a tad younger than Mac, but I wanted to ask if you (or your family) has gotten him any cool toys or games for the holidays? Or if there’s something he really likes to play with at daycare? We’ve picked out a few cool items for Mac but I feel like he needs one or two more really “interesting” items. . .yet, nothing has really jumped out at me.

    He gets bored so quickly with nearly everything but books. . .or items he shouldn’t have in the first place. Ha!

    • Hi Deni. This year we got Avery stocking stuffers…and that’s it! He just gets so many gifts from family and friends that we still have toys from his birthday that he hasn’t used…. so no ‘toys’ from us. I filled his stocking with a bunch of things like.. a mini soccer ball, elmo tooth brush (the kid is obsessed with brushing his teeth!), bath tiles that stick to the bath tub wall when wet (can’t wait to try those!) and punch balloons (he LOVES balloons…but they pop too easily so these are the toys for bigger kids that have a rubber band attached that you use like a punching bag… so they are more durable… i think he’ll love them).

      I wish I had some ideas for you, but like Mac, Avery plays with a toy for 15 seconds, and then moves on. He’d rather play with a laundry basket or my dirt devil than an actual toy. He got two holiday gifts from a friend yesterday (a saxophone and cell phone that make noise and light up) he loved them – for about 10 seconds. Then he wanted to play under their dining room table like it was a jungle gym.

      I suggest no toys… buy something for yourself. He’d much rather bug you to play with your toy than play with his own… 🙂

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