Breaking 130 – Week 5

Yes, it’s only Wednesday and I’m already recapping for the week.  BUT that’s to avoid missing this week (like Thanksgiving week), because I leave tonight for El Paso to drive my sis back home.  As much as this changes my usual routine, I think I made up for it with my 3 gym visits in the past 4 days. Plus, spending 40 hours in a car for 3 days will force me to get creative with how to get in exercise.  Maybe do laps around the car when we stop for gas or run alongside the car for a mile here and there? Ehh… that may affect our driving time cuz I think I run at 5 MPH…

biggest loser challenge week 5

Our Workout Plan: Zumba 1 night/wk, 1 weekend workout (60 min) Erin was gone this weekend so I snuck to the gym TWICE.  And we hit the gym Tuesday night together.  We missed Zumba this week, but that’s OK.  We’ll get back at it when I return next week.

My Goal: Break 130lbs by February 22nd.

Week 2 Weigh-in:  Last week I was 135.2…. so I should be down from that.  The scale this morning said…..134.8!

Weight Lost: If I want to stay on track for my goal weight, I should be down 2 1/2lbs…. and I’ve lost 2.6lbs so far…right on target!

Clothing Size: Still a 6. And that’s OK.  I know this isn’t going to happen overnight.  But I do feel better about myself and my waistline on my jeans are so loose!  I might need to start wearing a belt!

Eating & Drinking: I’ve been pretty good.  I splurged on some yummy baklava at work that a friend brought in (Erin’s husband…who probably is trying to sabotage me so Erin wins the challege!).  I’ve been eating leftovers for lunch (saves money and no sodium high frozen crap) and snacking on clementines (they’re on sale!).  I’ve been drinking lots of water and tea too… I can tell it’s more than usual because I keep having to go to the bathroom! (I know, TMI) But hey, I miss pizza at work on Friday, so that’s good!

Sleeping: Avery has let me sleep thru the night for another solid week…such a good boy.  I get to bed at a decent time every night and don’t mind the alarm at 5am.

Cheats: Baklava and I think I ate enough carbs for the week Monday night… Chicken parm & pasta… yum!  But carbs are good before working out…right?

Thoughts:  I’m happy with my progress and it’s not that difficult to uphold good eating habits and I actually WANT to go to the gym.  I look forward to it.  I think 2-3 times a week is best for me.  Sometimes I wish I would go more, but that would be overkill.  I’m also starting to wonder if my weight loss will plateau.  I haven’t been able to get under 130 since college and I hope that we’re switching up the workouts enough that my body doesn’t get bored used to it.

Next Week Goals & Ideas: I have to be good when we’re on the road this weekend.  There aren’t many healthy options for fast food, but I’m sure we can get salads or find a Subway along our route.  My sis is an avid gym-goer and eats well, so we can work together on that….and hopefully figure out some kinda workout if we stop at a hotel or something…

Does your weight plateau when you’re on a health kick? Is there a magic number you just can’t get below?  How do you break it?


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