SUPER Thanks

I FINALLY got around to sending out (almost) all of Avery’s thank you cards for his birthday.  It took forever because I waited for Sophia to come and take Avery’s One Year Photos (a week after Avery’s Birthday), then I designed the cards and had them printed and shipped (that took another couple weeks), and crazy me, I didn’t have everyone’s address, so it took a while to get that (still missing a few so don’t feel left out if you haven’t gotten them yet) and so, two months later, we finally sent this out…

one year old birthday thank you card

Like the design?  I stole the idea from a wedding thank you card from our friends Mariana & Kris (the ones who got married in Costa Rica).  I love how it turned out.  It’s a post card and on the flip side I put the address and a note from Avery.  And oh man did I have a bunch to send out…. here’s just ONE of the two pages in Avery’s ‘baby book’ where I logged all his birthday gifts…


We are so thankful for everyone’s generous gifts!  And to tell you the truth, we still have a few packed away because our house is exploding with toys that we’re swapping them in and out so Avery doesn’t get bored with all of them and it’s like a brand new toy when we bring a toy back out from ‘rotation’.

And a special thanks to everyone that got noisy toys… THANK A LOT. REALLY.  I can’t watch TV without a guitar being strummed next to me and I go to sleep counting penguins.. ‘where’s baby penguin number 6?’…

But really…thanks 🙂


4 thoughts on “SUPER Thanks

  1. Cutest. Thank you Cards. EVER!!

    Gotta love a noisy toy. Lol We have a strict quiet toy only rule during important shows…which pretty much means I have to wait until the kid is asleep. 😉

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