14 Months: Babbling, Bubbles, and Bruises

Where has the time gone?  It’s almost December…  Avery’s had his first birthday, his second Halloween and Thanksgiving, and Christmas #2 is around the corner.  Months ago I was just chugging along, hoping I’d just get thru the day and make it to the next.  Lack of sleep, juggling work and home…   Now it seems like each days flies by with a blink of an eye… and it’s all going so fast.  Avery’s saying a new word every week.  He’s mocking and mimicking everything we do.  He’s bringing home art projects from “school”… he’s growing up so fast!

Here’s a recap of what Avery’s up to at the ripe ol’ age of 14 Months old….

Growing  Avery is 22.8lbs.  He just ‘graduated’ into Size 4 diapers (Which means we finally got to open the box of size 4 diapers Nick sent us when Avery was born…a whole year after getting them in the mail….thanks Nick! – P.S. Nick is the guy who introduced Vinay and I).  Avery is wearing size 18mo. & 18-24 mo. clothes.  He’s getting soooo tall!  He can reach the top of the dining room table (which means anything close to the edge is fair game…).  He is still skinny though… we have to fold most of his pants tops because they slip off him…which means he’s skinny and his butt hasn’t come in yet (which he will be getting seeing as mommy & daddy have ba-donk-a-donks). Avery is still wearing Size 4 shoes... but not for long.  I think when I buy his winter boots, I’ll get a size 5 because his shoes now are a snug fit (big feet = pro basketball player!?)


Talking Well, it’s more-so babbling.. but he’s doing a lot more of it lately.  He jabbers on ‘da da da…’ in his own little world.  He has mastered a few words though: Ma ma, Da da, No! (this comes with him shaking his head from side to side over and over!), no (ask, nose.  I point to a nose and he repeats… minus the ‘se’ at the end), broom! (aka ‘vroom’ for a car/truck, bye (love this one..because he waves…. too cute! and he does it while just walking around the house… doesn’t really get the concept yet), and lately he’s loving ‘ut oh!‘ (what I say when something falls or he drops it… but he uses it all the time… even when he’s alone).  Last night, I eavesdropped after we put Avery to bed…

Sleeping We’re going one month strong on this foreign concept of sleeping thru the night.  Avery’s napping  1-1/2 to 2 hours midday and sleeping 7-6 every night.  He doesn’t need milk at bed.. he actually refuses it.  Some nights he doesn’t want anything to do with story time and just wants to go into his crib.  He even tells us he’s tired by going up to his crib and putting his arms up to signal picking him up and putting him to bed.  Such a clever littler bugger… I guess he FINALLY caught on to the whole sleeping thing.  FINALLY!!!


Eating & Drinking.  I guess since Avery’s sleep struggles are behind us, he’s picked a new battle to fight… eating.  The little guy is NEVER hungry.  Well, maybe they just stuff him at ‘school’ every day because we’re lucky to get him to eat anything for dinner most nights.  He refuses to eat veggies, loves meats and carbs, and likes some fruit.  He has this thing with textures.  Anything wet or squishy he smushes it.  He will eat a whole hot dog if you let him though.  He’s been good about drinking from his sippy cups and recently a straw Milk, water, and juice (100% Juicy Juice or Motts.. none of that fake crap).  But I guess he is eating and drinking well because he’s gained weight and gotten taller since his 1-Year check up.


Playing Avery’s favorite things to do involve anything that’s NOT a toy.  He got a zillion toys for his birthday and on any given evening at home, he’ll be more interested in hiding in cabinets, helping unload the dishwasher, playing in the laundry basket, playing hide and seek, or talking on the phone.  He’s not fond of stacking blocks – he’d rather knock over towers or throw them.  He loves putting objects inside each other. He LOVES bath time and recently started to drink the soapy water… haha.  His favorite things to do are running around and exploring outside and people watching at the mall.


Personality We’ve known since Avery was born that he’s quite the character.  Stubborn, hot-headed, and man does he have a temper!  He gets VERY mad when you take something away that he shouldn’t have.  He screams, throws his arms and slumps to the ground (I thought this didn’t happen until the terrible twos?!)  On the flip side, he’s a very happy kiddo…when he’s doing what he wants. When you do something he likes, he wants to do it again…and again…and again…and if you stop he will have another ‘freak out moment’.  He still loves being carried, but has become more independent. I’m able to work on a task while he plays around me.  Sometime he’s content hiding in his telephone booth or just wandering around the house.  He loves exploring and finding new things.  One afternoon he chased a grasshopper around the deck and was thrilled..giggling and squealing in excitement.

Scapes & Bruises When Avery comes home from daycare with a scratch or is covered in food caked on from lunch time.. I know he’s had a good day.  He’s a boy.  He’s gonna get dirty and messy while playing.  He ran into a jungle gym thing at daycare and then he fell over one, and most recently got a little excited and wacked me in the face… just another fight night at the Ratnam Residence…

As much as this scrape stings…I still love ya….Happy 14 Months little man!

P.S. We didn’t win the Lottery… but I am still in a good mood today because Zumba tonight!!!


7 thoughts on “14 Months: Babbling, Bubbles, and Bruises

  1. He is getting so big! Caleb is 15 months today and I wonder too where the time has gone. I guess the thing to do is to kiss our babies (toddlers!) and not blink for the next17 years. lol

    • Oh wow, I think I remember noticing they were a month apart a while ago.. too cool. How’s Caleb doing with talking? I feel like Avery doesn’t say many words yet and he’s behind but the doc said that at 16mo. he should have 3+ words in his vocab and he’s passed that… so I think we’re on track?

      • He talks a lot… but not words. Just a lot of babbling. I think Avery still talks more words than Caleb. I think he understands words but hasn’t gotten around to actually saying stuff yet. It’s all good 🙂 Avery is ahead in his words already since my babe is a month older. lol

  2. Love it! He sounds like such a fun little guy! And I totally hear you on the temper; Annabel is the exact same way. Man, does she get mad when I take something away or put her down when she wants to be held, etc. So awesome about the sleep too. Annabel has gotten into this terrible habit of waking everyday between 4:30 and 5:30 and only sometimes going back to sleep at all and even then usually only for about an hour….in our bed…on top of me. It’s horrible and I’m feeling quite grouchy about it. Please tell Avery to send Annabel some of his sleeping vibes!!! 🙂

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