Calling All Couches

This may be a stretch… but it could result in me meeting some of you…

Next week I’m flying down to Texas to drive my sister back up home.  If you remember, back in August she left her home in VT to live with her bf in Texas before he got deployed.  She didn’t know how long she’d be there … and quickly learned he’d be deploying soon.  So, I’m flying down after work on Wednesday Dec 5th to drive her back up.  It’s 2,400+ miles… and will probably be $350+ in gas.  It should take us around 40 hours of driving to make the trip… pending on stops, traffic, and sleeping arrangements, we could should get to Boston late Saturday or Sunday.

We were just discussing the ride arrangements and I thought… hey, I have tons of ‘friends’ all over the states (other bloggers) that may want to offer a couch, or air mattress or even guest bedroom for a night.  This would save us $$.. and would be a great excuse to meet some fellow blogger friends.  Maybe we could even just meet for lunch?!

So, here’s the possible routes we may take…

roadtrip map

Do you live anywhere along our route?  Looks like we’ll be passing thru Dallas and Little Rock at the end of Thursday, Dec 6th.  Friday night we may be outside of Washington DC in Virginia and Maryland… or we may go another way and be in Oklahoma Thursday and Ohio Friday… or we may take a wrong turn and end up in Canada… hmm I should pack my passport just in case…

Feel free to comment or email me if you want us to crash your couch for a night!


6 thoughts on “Calling All Couches

  1. The south route is gorgeous along I81 through Virginia. Too bad I’m not yet in Tennessee! It would be only a few miles out of your way. I currently live in a tent but, one of these day, will have a spare bed, once again, for you guys to crash on. Miss you and love you both. Drive safe and enjoy the time together!

  2. Aw, bummer you aren’t coming through Austin! I have a guest bedroom AND a couch:) Let me know if you make any changes to your route; we’d be happy to put you up for the night or meet for lunch or whatever. Safe travels!

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