Weekend Warriors

Our Neighbors think we’re slave drivers.  They’ve seen my parents come and go many weekends – to gut & remodel our kitchen, build a deck, and install curtain rods.  One day the guy yelled from across the street, “Putting you to work again?  What’s next, a pool?!”  Funny thing was, the next time they came, they brought Avery’s blow up pool!

All joking aside, my parents have been down to help us with SO much on our house.  I have no idea what we’d do without them.  This past weekend was no exception.  We installed this, hung that, cleaned and organized… accomplished everything AND MORE on our to-do list.

Our weekend started on Friday night.  Avery was very excited for Grammy and Grampy’s arrival and watched for them out the window…
Saturday started early.  Grammy had breakfast with Avery while Grampy helped me get groceries.  Then I was off to Zumba+Kickboxing with Erin (so sore!).  When I came back I tackled the basement with Dad.  It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate when you have a basement to store stuff.  When we were done, we had thrown out boxes, had a pile of donations, and everything was organized in aisles.


Then Vinay & Dad put a light fixture in the living room.  Our living room never had a ceiling light – weird…and annoying.  We have a floor lamp, but Avery loves to shake it, so for many reasons, we were looking forward to this day.  Putting in a light isn’t as easy as it seems – it involved cutting a hole in the wall for the light switch…


…which quickly turned into two holes!  We needed to run the wires from the basement up thru the wall and when we cut the first hole, we found fireproofing in the wall (a horizontal piece of wood between the studs in the wall), so we had to get under that to get the wire up… but that’s OK – nothing we can’t patch up.


I mostly watched this project…and Dad and Vinay were like lighting… putting in the switch…


… then the ceiling electrical box…

… hung the light…

and ta-da!

Avery was pretty fond of it!  He loves lights.  And man was it a world of difference in that room now that we have light!

Then it was time to install the toddler gate.  We had a gate … but Avery used it more of a climbing wall, so it was time to upgrade. So Grampy went to work…with a little helper…

It’s never too early to introduce power tools, right?

About 10 seconds after this picture, Avery threw the drill down the stairs… Grampy laughed, “Good thing it’s a Black & Decker!’

Now the gate swings open and is easier for us to get in and out and there aren’t any horizontal bars for Avery to climb on.
Saturday night we took a break from housework and had some friends over for dinner.
Sunday it was back to work… we FINALLY hung picture frames in the living room. I laid them out on the floor (to decide the order they’d be hung)
and my Dad hung them… ta da!
I spent Sunday morning on a baking spree… I made blueberry muffins, keish, and granola bars (all for Avery).
While I was busy in the kitchen, Avery played with Grammy and Grampy. They took the dogs for a walk…
Grampy Tickled Avery…
Grammy joined Avery for a phone call…
Grammy took Avery for a ride…

Oh and I can’t forget their main reason for coming down… Dad refinished our radiator covers and installed them (bolted them to the wall so Avery can’t move them).  Here’s the one in the living room under the window…
And when they left… our living room looked like this!

Yes, the picture frames still need pictures in them (minor detail!) and I’m sure you caught a glimpse of the new curtain in the dining room…oh and see our new couch!?

What do you do when your parents come to town?  Do you relax, sight-see, or knock lots of items off your to-do list?

7 thoughts on “Weekend Warriors

  1. Wow! You guys did great! Both of our parents live here, so when they come over it’s mostly just hanging out. But I will say that anytime we need help with anything, we always call Nathan’s parents and they have done sooo much to help us out…installing ceiling fans, getting rid of squirrels in the attic, painting, etc. Gotta love those parents!

    Love the new light and pictures frames and granola bars…too much good stuff in this post:) I’m so jealous of the basement too! We have an attic, but I never go up there. Though I shudder to think about all the stuff we’d collect with a basement; we already have way too much crap! Haha. Sounds like you guys had an excellent weekend!

    • haha… you have no idea! Avery had a rough night Saturday night because his schedule was a bit off and oh man did I feel crummy the next day… I’m just so used to getting sleep now!

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