High Five for Friday

Happy Friday!!!  I feel like a million bucks today.  I went to Zumba last night and danced so hard that I couldn’t see because of the sweat pouring down my face.  Vinay and I were in bed just after 9PM and got a solid 8 hours of sleep (Thanks Avery).  And tonight my parents come into town for the weekend – and they’re bringing their dogs! (Avery loves dogs!…well, and my parents too, haha.)

As if that wasn’t enough good stuff going on… here are my High Five’s for the week:

1. Avery’s Halloween Art
Avery brought these masterpieces home from daycare this week.  Aren’t the ghost feet adorable?!?  The girls at daycare said he squealed when they put the paint on his feet…. I think he is ticklish like me!

2. Crock Pot Cooking is Back!


Since Vinay was feeling a little sick earlier in the week, I broke out the crock pot and made some hearty soup.  I threw it together with leftovers in the fridge: 1/2 a chicken breast, veggies, & pasta.  Delicious!  Now that it’s chilly out, it’s time to use the crock pot more – set and forget!

3. Let Them Eat Cake Crayons


Since the girls at daycare said Avery LOVED coloring, we tried it at home.  Yeah, they must work some magic with him because he STILL would rather eat the crayons than color with them… silly kid.  When does the desire to put EVERYTHING into their mouth go away?!

4. Thanksgiving Food Drive


Next week is Thanksgiving and among the MANY things I’m thankful for, I’m thankful we are able to donate to my company’s food drive.  It wasn’t much, but I pulled a few select items from the cupboards that we could spare.  Every little bit helps, right?

5. Dirt & Leaves

Avery loves the park.  On Monday we were home before the sun set and spent an hour at the park.  Avery had fun in the dirt and found a leaf … and he was sooo adorable playing with it!


What’s your 5 this week?


6 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

  1. Don’t know when the putting everything in your mouth stage officially ends. I could never do coloring or play dough with my kids at school, cause it would always end up in their mouths.

    • Thanks, Melissa. I guess we’ll just have to keep trying it as he gets older. He was a little better with crayons than he was with markers… haven’t tried play doh yet…

  2. I cracked up at the crayon thing because the same is true for us with Cassidy. Same with paint. At daycare it seems to work but at home…straight.in.mouth. AHHH!!

  3. Wondering the same thing regarding crayons (and everything else) with Bergen. We just keep trying. A couple of days ago when I tried it seemed like he actually put together the idea that the crayon can make a mark. He was sort of waving the crayon above the paper, but didn’t quite press…”baby steps”! We tried some homemade play dough–boy was that disaster!!

    • Haha, thanks for sharing Kate. It’s refreshing to know Avery’s not the only crayon-challenged tot out there! I’ve been hearing the same things about play-dough… I think we’ll wait a while before trying that!

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