Breaking 130 – Week 2

There was a reason anything ‘health & fitness’ wasn’t on my High Five’s this morning.  Today marks week 2 of our health kick… which means this morning we weighed in and the numbers we much less exciting that last week’s.  I gained from last week, but overall I’m still down.  Erin gained again, which means she’s still up, not down…which is the object, right?!

We are stumped why this is happening.  We’re sticking to our workout plans and we feel much better – which is what it’s all about.  Numbers are just numbers… what really matters is that we’re feeling better about ourselves… and we are.  Today my jeans are about to fall off me.. and Erin’s had to put new notches in her belt because she’s getting smaller too.  Maybe our numbers aren’t reflecting the ‘work’ we’ve put in because we’re gaining muscle (which weighs more than fat), or we’re retaining more water (since we’re drinking more water), or we’re doing something wrong?!
biggest loser challenge week 2

Our Workout Plan: Zumba 1 night/wk, 1 weekend workout (60 min).  We’ve stuck to this for 3 weeks, yay!  And Saturday we’re going to a special 90 min Zumba + Kickboxing class… which should kick our butts!

My Goal: Break 130lbs Well, we’re still many many weeks away from our goal date, so I still have time to reach this, although this week makes it seem very far away.

Week 2 Weigh-in: 136.6.  I’m up from last week’s crazy 3lb loss…

Weight Lost: I’ve got a net loss of 0.8lbs.  Which isn’t bad since I’m looking losing at 1/2lb a week.

Clothing Size: Still a 6, but my jeans are falling off me today… I might want to take out my size 4 pants and hang them on the wall as motivation!

Eating: I was good with portion control and drinking more water this week.  I did steal a few Pringles for snacks this week… and I’m debating if I want pizza at lunch today…I shouldn’t… I shouldn’t….

Sleeping: It’s crazy how awesome sleep makes me feel.  Avery only woke up ONCE this week.. and he just needed his pacifier and was back out.  I’m being good about getting to bed early, reading, and then getting a solid 7-8 hours a night.

Drinking: Water and tea.  I had a few sips of soda every night, but much less than usual.  I have less desire for it and make sure I drink tons of water when we workout.

Cheats: I had a cookie last night… a VERY small one.  They were handing them out at the gym (I know, how wrong is that?!) for some promotional stuff.  I grabbed two and let Vinay have the big one.  Mine was probably less than 2″ in diameter… I deserved it 🙂

Thoughts:  I’m kinda bummed about this week’s weigh-in after last week’s whopping 3lbs.  But 1lb after 2 weeks is reasonable, so I shouldn’t be too hard on myself.  I’m excited we’re trying kick-boxing this weekend…we don’t wanna get stuck doing the same workouts and our bodies get used to them.

Next Week Goals & Ideas: Thanksgiving is next week…. ugh!  Portion control.  We’re going to NYC to celebrate with Vinay’s family… I’ll eat, but not OVER eat.  Plus since we’ll be gone for the weekend, I’ll have to squeeze in some kinda workout while we’re there…

Why are we GAINING weight? What are we doing wrong… or what can we do better?

10 thoughts on “Breaking 130 – Week 2

  1. I often find that my weight is about a week behind my actions 🙂 So if I was good one week and wouldn’t see the weight loss until the week after. But as you say, how you feel is the most important thing!

  2. My guess is that you are gaining muscle. In the end the scale doesn’t matter. You will know by the way you look and feel. Hang in there!

  3. I was going to say the same as “flavorsofmylife” – perhaps it’s muscle? As for upcoming holidays, I think portion control should still be used, and maybe even tried to get a morning workout beforehand. This way you can eat a little bit more and enjoy knowing that you burned a few calories. 🙂 You’re doing great so keep it up.

    • There you are! I kept checking your blog and it was gone! Glad you’re ‘back’ 🙂

      Thanks for the input – I hope it’s muscle.. and think it is because I feel much better… a little smaller but more so ‘tighter’ in those certain areas.

      I should try doing a morning workout… even if I get up 20 minutes before my shower and do something… gotta get my butt outta bed… 🙂

      • I didn’t know it moved until I saw your comment and the new link. Glad you found a new name that you like – it’s hard to find a name for a blog that fits everything you write about… 🙂

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