Avery’s 1 Year Photos

Avery turned ONE just over a month ago.  I was itching to have his one-year photos taken, but didn’t want to splurge on studio photos.  Luckily, Vinay’s cousin, Sophia was coming to visit us a week after Avery’s birthday.  She took AMAZING photos in Califonia when Avery was around 8 months old – so I begged her to take Avery’s one-year photos….she gladly accepted the challenge…!

And a challenge it was.. because she visited us for 3 days, all of which IT RAINED!  Poured. Not even a glimpse of the sun to run out and take pictures of Avery outside.  So, we improvised.  We moved the dining room set into the living room and used that for our ‘studio’…and I LOVE how the pictures came out…

babys first birthday 1

babys first birthday 2

babys first birthday 4

babys first birthday 3

babys first birthday 5

babys first birthday 6

babys first birthday 7

babys first birthday 8

babys first birthday 9

babys first birthday 10

babys first birthday 11

babys first birthday 12

babys first birthday 13

babys first birthday 14

babys first birthday 15

babys first birthday 16

babys first birthday 17

babys first birthday 18

babys first birthday 19

babys first birthday 20

babys first birthday 21

babys first birthday 22

babys first birthday 23

Happy First Birthday litlte man… you are too adorable!!!

I’m hoping Sophia will mail herself to us for Christmas so we can keep her here as our full-time Avery photographer!


21 thoughts on “Avery’s 1 Year Photos

    • Thanks! I love them too… they came out great.. even thought the had to be inside. I’m determined to do outdoor photos at some point! Maybe Christmas or something…

    • oh gosh don’t get me started… Vinay has this theory that had we had a girl, she would be locked in her room until she was 18, but a boy… Vinay says he can do whatever he wants. Ugh! He’ll be trouble…

  1. Handsome little guy! I love photographs that are so real and natural. Studio pictures are fine but there’s something so special about capturing their sweet smiles and funny faces in a setting where they’re comfortable. She did a great job!

    • Thanks, Stacey. I love how they came out too. We did the studio thing last year for a big family photo which was nice, but I do hate how ‘stiff’ everyone is… so these are much more playful for sure!

  2. Adorable! Adorable! Muuhhhh-aawwwww! Your Sister-In-Law did a beautiful job. I particularly like there’s nothing too “staged” about them. . .he’s just a cute kid in cute clothes perfectly happy playing and checking things out. I’m sure you can’t stop looking at them! 🙂

    • Thanks! I do love them more than the ‘staged’ studio type photos… I keep going thru them picking my favorite…and pick a different one each time! It was the hardest picking a handful of them for his thank-you cards for his bday… had to enlist my sisters help cuz I loved them all!

    • Awe, thanks for stopping by Mariana. We miss you guys too. Let us know when it’s most convenient to visit you… maybe we can come for a long weekend this spring? We’ll bring Avery of coarse! I know it’s hard with Kris’ schedule… but hopefully we can make it happen!

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