Our Weekend SUCKED

Literally!  We were in stitches laughing Saturday night when Avery drank from a straw for the first time…

For the longest time, Avery would just chew on a straw.  But for some reason, at the Mall Saturday night while feeding Avery chicken and french fries, I gave him a little fruit punch from my cup to see if he would drink out of the straw… and he did!  And I’m so glad I did it with a fruity drink, because he LOVED IT and just wanted more and more haha.  I couldn’t stop squealing because it was the coolest thing EVER!  Him drinking from the straw + his adorable reaction to the juice.  Too cute!

As for the rest of the weekend, we spent A LOT of time outside, enjoying the sunny fall weather.  We took Avery to a new park too, and he had a blast.  I think we wore him out too, because he slept thru the night all weekend!!!!



And we got this cute football for Avery (for $1 at Target) and he wouldn’t put it down!  He took it to the park with him (holding it the whole walk there).



But with his short attention span, he eventually found something more amusing (a pine cone) and left the ball – and another little boy found it and played with it for the next hour.


Avery had fun chasing another boy around and even joined the boys grandma on the tire swing – which was pretty cool since he NEVER sits still on that thing for me to hold him.

Oh and we had some fun eating adventures this weekend… Avery tried a clementine…



He liked it..but he had more fun throwing and squishing it than actually eating it.

And we went to Dunkin Donuts Sunday morning and I shared a sandwich with Avery – well, he ate most of it.  This kid just eats and eats… no idea where he puts it!  And he drank some cranberry juice from a straw… I still got a kick out of that!

I hit the gym with Erin on Sunday while Avery snoozed – a nice 1.5-2 hour nap!  And oh man am I sore today!  We’re really getting into the groove of working out every week…. I’m excited for Zumba tomorrow and our weigh-in on Friday.  I hope last week’s weight-loss wasn’t a fluke because I feel all this gym-time paying off… my jeans yesterday were so loose!  When I told Vinay, he said ‘Burn them!’ Haha, and as much fun that would be celebrating my accomplishments – I would never burn a perfectly good pair of jeans, hunny 🙂  I should make them into a craft project… any ideas?

The weekend ended with some iPhone FaceTime with Grammy and Grampy… who just got their first smart phone!!!  Well, my Dad did.  My Mom STILL refuses to get a cell phone.  Do your parents still live in the dark ages like that?  We are so lucky to have the technology today to video chat with them because they are so far away…same with our family in NYC and Cali….and now my sis in Texas too.

How was your weekend?


10 thoughts on “Our Weekend SUCKED

  1. You could make lots of fun projects with your old jeans …Am I sensing another craft/sewing night in our near future, maybe?? lol Maybe make a quilt out of all of our old clothes that don’t fit us anymore as motivation to keep going to the gym??

      • I think it was a Nuby. I got 3 different ones (all a little different). The one that you can flip it to close is the hardest one for him to sip and I had prob sipping through it too). But the other two was just a straight straw and it was easier. This one is his fav https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-GM_R-dGSR20/UIGDR-RDd0I/AAAAAAAAE9k/w3GQg3yzbs0/s569/20121019_113816.jpg
        They advertise them to be spill proof but Caleb will shake it upside down and whatnot… so no, it’s not really spill proof. lol.

      • That’s the EXACT one I got him that is so hard to suck from! Weird. Maybe it’s a defect? I’d love to test them out before buying them but I’m sure I’d look sketchy putting my mouth on every bottle in the baby aisle at Target…LOL

      • LOL..that would be funny 😉 oh and the one in the photo is Munchkin, not Nuby. I actually finished some of his coconut milk today and sucked on it and I didn’t have any problems with it. Maybe it is a defect. The Nuby one is a flip top and that is the one that’s hard to suck for me.

  2. Jeans can be made into a wonderful tote bag. Use the top for top edge and use the pockets already there. The legs can be used for handles! Lots of love, Aunt Debbie

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