Home is where…


…our little boy romps around like it’s his domain.  I took this shot last night when Avery and I got home (can you tell it’s election day with the ‘VOTE’ card on our door?).  It was 4:30, freezing, and getting dark – so why in the world were we outside?  Well, as soon as I take Avery out of the car from our ride home from daycare, he start flipping out.  I mean full on screaming and flailing!  And it doesn’t help that I’m carrying my lunchbox, keys, and his school bag – juggling that and a flailing toddler is quite a mess.  I’m sure I get a couple glares from the passing cars and people on the street wondering what horrible thing I did to this poor kid…

But as soon as we get past our back gate, I let him go and he is in heaven.  He runs to the stoop and starts climbing the 3 steps to the back door.  Then when we get inside and I put up the gate to the back stairs where we came in, he freaks out again.  Throws a full on tantrum…screaming and flailing about so he falls on his but and sitting on the kitchen floor, continues to scream and ‘cry’(It’s like a preview into the terrible twos!).  I know the drill, so I use this time to drop my stuff, change from my work shoes to sneakers, and chase him around to put on his warm hat and mittens.  When I open the back door, the dramatics are gone and he is thrilled!  I plop him in the yard and he runs around; he tries to pick up a pumpkin, falls on his face in the grass and gets right back up, plays with the gate -opening and closing it, and tonight he finds Daddy’s new winter tires that were delivered during the day…

Then he’s sick of the yard and HAS to go walk run on the sidewalk.  He refuses to hold my hand, so I have to hold his arm.  He slows down pretty quickly though – seeing a colorful leaf and rare yellow flower and plays with it.  Then we’re off to the front of the house – which I may add, is in dire need of some work!  We focused on the inside of the house this past year, so please excuse the chipping paint and overgrown shrubbery….

But those things don’t matter to Avery-he knows this is home.  He is excited that I let him go and he climbs the steps to the front door, all by himself!  I’m right behind him tho – and good thing because the second time (of three, I may add) that he went up, he lost his balance and rolled backwards down a step!  I was right there to cushion his fall, so he was fine – and got right back up, got distracted by a big truck driving by, and then he was back to climbing the steps…

I love nights like this.  Even though it’s a mere 10-20 minutes outside (because thanks to daylight savings it’s dark by 5pm), it’s my favorite time of day.. Avery is so energetic, so curious, loves to explore, and I relish in the warmth I feel from watching him explore his home – even though it’s almost freezing outside… I’m so warm inside because this….this is home.


4 thoughts on “Home

  1. So sweet 🙂 I love it! Just remember, always, home is where the heart is. Avery will know that wherever his parents lead him will be home, because you are what makes him feel special and loved.

    • haha thanks! He loved using them as a drum too. He’s so curious… I love following him around to see what catches his eye. Sometimes it’s a flower or leaf, and other times it’s trash that was blown in our yard – so he keeps me on my toes!

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