High Five for Friday

Finally Friday!  Whew, this week crawled on… happy it’s Friday and we have a weekend at home – good thing too, because we need to prep for Sandy!  Maybe Avery and I can build a fort (of blankets) before the hurricane comes!

This is our third week hooking up with  Flavors of My Life and From My Grey Desk – let’s roll into the weekend on a positive note… or five!

1. Today is Halloween Day at daycare. 
I noticed one of the signs on the door at daycare last week that they would be having a ‘Halloween Day’ the Friday before Halloween so the kiddos could dress up.  So, what did Mommy leave out for Avery to wear today?!  His ‘Super Avery’ costume!  Daddy texted a picture of Avery when he dropped him at daycare this morning and wrote, “Everyone’s dressed up mommy! The girls love my outfit!”

2. I found my sunglasses! 

IMG_2644 IMG_2645

You know that show ‘Hoarders’?  Well, Avery has a favorite kitchen cabinet that he loves hiding in… and for the past week I’ve been loving the sun, but have no idea where my sunglasses are… well they were stashed away in Avery’s cabinet, along with Vinay’s watch.  Oh and I found a bag of Avery’s cookies in the fridge… maybe Avery thinks he is hoarding for winter?

3. Family Storytime.

I snagged this video last night.  We’ve gotten into a great routine of dinner, bath, jammies, books & bottle, bed.  So much that when the bath is done, Avery grabs his blankets and tries to sit in our lap.  He KNOWS its bedtime and wants it. SUCH a change from him fighting us to go to sleep.  Now he goes to bed awake and we can hear him talking to himself as he settles down to sleep…so cute!  PLUS he’s now sleeping thru the night a couple nights a week!

4. Woof Woof! 


There’s been some talk this week about us getting a DOG! We’re just starting the discussion and looking at shelters – we might not get one for a few days, or months.  But I think we’re leaning towards getting one – someday in the near future….

5. Gym time! 

We’ve made time in our busy schedules to squeeze in time at our new gym.  It feels so good to take a break and de-stree while getting healthy!  I had fun at Zumba and Vinay did some cardio a couple nights after work… feelin’ good about health this week!

What’s your 5 this week?


9 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

  1. I love your high fives! Especially the picture of Avery at the door looking out at the pup. 🙂 Looks like you had a great week. 🙂

  2. Haha I love that Avery hid your glasses. I mean, not that he hid them, but it’s really funny:) I “lost” one of my birthday cards recently and needed to find it because it had a gift card in it–I found it in the oven of Annabel’s play kitchen. These kids!

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