The Ya-Ya Sisterhood

I love my family.  Beyond our little family of three here in our cozy home, and 250 miles away is my extended family.  And although I’m the black sheep a zillion miles away in the big city, I still feel super close to them.  I always make an effort to attend our many family gatherings for weddings, graduations, holidays, and our yearly themed reunions. This past weekend I made a special trip up to celebrate my Grandmother’s 84th birthday.  Like most other celebrations in our family, we do things a little differently…

Do you remember this movie that came out in 2002?

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood”

Image source

Well, that movie sparked a yearly tradition… All my aunts (My Grandma’s daughter-in-laws, and he one daughter… my Dad is one of 8, and 7 are boys) took on the Ya-Ya Sisterhood name and made a weekend trip for my Grandma’s birthday every year.  See, I was only a teenager when they started this, so forgive my fuzzy memory of how this all started because as a part of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, everything they did was a secret.  I saw pictures of them in silly hats and boas, they all had silly names like ‘Countess Happy Homemaker” and my Grandma was the “Queen”…or something like that.  And there were lots of giggling and stories when they were together at gatherings… but I never really knew… ‘exactly’ what they did.. and why it was so much fun.  Everything your parents do when you are a teen is so ‘un-cool’ anyways…

Then, in 2009, I got inducted…. and realized how AMAZING this ‘sisterhood’ was!  After years of weekend getaways to a B&B, shopping, dinner, movies, etc,  they decided it was time to involve the next generation.  My cousin Amy and I were of age (have to be 21) at the time and we joined them for the weekend.  Now, without disclosing too much information, I’ll share a few old photos and just say that we were first ‘Yo-Yos’ for a day…

yo yo sisters

…drabbed in pink shirts and tiaras, looking like fools walking around for the weekend and getting stopped by people to explain the shirts… but after all the sillyness, we were inducted into the group and I’ve shared in 3 amazing weekends with these ladies. One of which involved getting a tattoo with my Grandma… yup, that’s right.  My Grandma and I got tattoos together.  How cool is that?!

maple leaf tattoo

I missed out on last year’s adventures… because Avery had just been born.  But this year, my amazing father took Avery so my Mom and I could enjoy the weekend with our ‘sisters’.


We had rented a cabin on Lake Champlain and spent our time relaxing and chatting by a fire, taking walks, fishing and watching the beautiful lake view, we went to dinner at the Blue Paddle Bistro (amazing food!  And ask for Number 16…he’s a great waiter.. and the youngest of 16 kids!), and played a yankee swap game – that resulted in someone getting a yard of cookies, another wearing an edible candy bikini, and another with something that vibrates… need I say more?








There is only so much I can disclose about our ‘secret’ sisterhood, but I if I try to explain the connection we have… I can’t bring to words how special it is. To share a weekend with such amazing women….  they’re all mothers that juggle home and work, uphold strong family values, know how to kick back and have a good time, and they’re all family… I have a special connection with each one and know that anything I ever need… they’re there for me.  And this year they were a much needed break for my hectic life… so thanks ladies… for an amazing weekend.  And of coarse… Happy Birthday Grandma.

blue paddle bistro
until next year, ladies….


10 thoughts on “The Ya-Ya Sisterhood

    • Thanks. I have big plans for that rocks & leaves picture. I’m going to print and frame it for my Grandma’s bathroom. I repainted her bathroom blue and framed a pictures of bluish rocks on the coast of maine… and this picture would be a perfect addition!

  1. Sounds like such a great time. I have to tell you, I wouldn’t mind living out in VT. My girlfriend (the one I ran the VT marathon with) grew up in VT and she goes often. She loves it there and has even considered moving back with her family.

    Love all the pictures!!!

    • Ugh, I’d love to move back there – be close to family and really enjoy the outdoors during every season. Only issue is, the economy up there is tough. I wouldn’t have too much trouble finding work in my field, but my hubby is in biotech… which they don’t have much of up there… 😦 oh well, maybe some day…

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