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Hello Gym.  Long time no see.  Actually, it’s been about 2 years!  This is a shot (yes I know it’s blurry, I was running!) of what I was looking at on Sunday…

IMG_2579This past weekend we did the unthinkable.  As if it’s not hard enough fitting everything into our crazy schedules with work, maintaining a home, Avery, remodeling, family and traveling, we’ve added gym memberships to the mix of madness!  I didn’t even hit a gym during my FIT in 40 health kick this past spring – I used a yoga mat at home and took lots of walks and runs with Avery in the stroller.

Now, before you think we’re crazy for adding more to our plates, let me explain…

Vinay had been meaning to sign up at a gym for a while now and he got a kick in the butt after getting his blood work back after his yearly physical.  It wasn’t mortal or anything – he just had high levels of almost everything they tested for…and not the good stuff.  So, he marched on over to the gym on Friday.  He brought home good reviews, the pricing booklet, and a class schedule.  If we signed up together, the fee was much less.  Vinay was all set to sign up, but I wasn’t sure… so after looking over the class schedule, and calling my sister (she’s super healthy and goes to a gym all the time) I decided to join too!

Here’s my thinking…

Winter is coming.  It’s going to be VERY hard to get out and take Avery for walks, plus his attention span is getting smaller and smaller.  He’d rather be running around a play ground than sitting in a stroller.  PLUS our mall has a free indoor play area that we can take full advantage of this winter when the playground is under a foot of snow.  So, the gym is a guaranteed workout – no excuses about weather.

They offer childcare.  This is a big PLUS… for the cheap monthly gym fee- and it’s only $3 per visit.  From what we’ve discussed, we’ll take turns going to the gym, not requiring any babysitting, so we can really take a break and the other can have some nice one-on-one time with Avery.  But having the option for weekends or vacations is great!

It’s close. I went to the gym on Sunday and timed it.  It was 5 minutes from door to door.  It doesn’t get any more convenient than that!

It’s good for us. We are constantly trying to find ‘me time’ and this would give us that, AND it makes us healthier.  We both used to be super healthy, going to the gym daily and since we’ve got comfy in our new life together, we’ve slacked off in that department.  It’s time we get back into it.  Even if it means we both go once or twice a week.  It’ll make us feel better about ourselves and healthier, which isn’t just good for us, but is good for Avery because the happier and healthier we are, the better we can care for him.  Plus, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!”

AND I signed up for the gym+classes… so I’m going to try my hand at kick boxing, Zumba, and maybe Pilates?…I’ve never taken a class at a gym before… kinda nervous and excited for what it’ll be like…

Do you have a gym membership?  Have you tried Zumba?  Is it as fun and easy as fave reviews say….?


11 thoughts on “Gym Class Herro

  1. I absolutely LOVE Zumba! Although that side, I have a gym subscription as well and as much I love all their classes I wasn’t really impressed with their Zumba class. I go for Zumba with a separate solo trainer and do the other gym classes like Circuit and Boxercise and things like that. And I’m enjoying it all… haven’t seen the weight loss really but feel good about myself and like you said, that’s some me time we’re talking about here.

    Goodluck with the gym and the cheap childcare definitely does sound great! 🙂

    • We joined and I hope you and your hubby find one that works for you. We find it hard to squeeze in between both working, visiting family on weekends and spending time with our son… but we’ll fit it in…

  2. Dan and I have memberships at 24hour and we love it! I tried a Zumba class at my local community center and it was fun, but quite a workout! Since I have no rhythm at all it was hard for me to figure out the footing and arm movements lol but I only did it once and would probably learn them better on the 2nd or third try lol! Besides classes what are you doing at the gym? Mainly running?

    • I’m excited for the Zumba classes, but when I don’t do them, I’ll do a day of cardio running on the treadmill and the next time do a day of weights with the machines. The nice guy that signed us up showed me a bunch of the machines and how they work. They are so intimidating until you know how to work them. Now that I do, I’m thrilled because some are pretty awesome, like the one that you open and close your thighs… man it burns and works all those womanly areas that gather all those extra pounds…

  3. love zumba too! A good instructor is a must though 🙂 I also have learned to love yoga and I hear really good things about BodyPump (i think its called that). Good for you guys to get the membership. Its really hard to regret a trip to the gym but really easy to regret not going so get out there! I was super intimidated to take classes at first but it gets easier and is super fun, the hardest part is getting in the door! 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by, Tessa! Shouldn’t you be busy getting that baby outta you!?! Joking! He will come when he’s ready…

      I’m headed to my first Zumba class tonight! I’m trying to get a girlfriend to come with me, but she seems a little wary… oh well. I’ll still go alone. They offer it twice a week, so I have two chances to go a week at times that work for us. I’ll see how the instructor is… and they do have body pump too. That seems like it’d be great for toning. I don’t think they have yoga… and I’ve tried yoga and fell over ALOT. Maybe I’ll give it another try….

  4. I used to be a gym junkie. I lived at the gym. In fact, I joined a 24-hour high end gym one year and would go at 3:45am. Yes I would have to ring the doorbell. I quit after a year but not because I wasn’t going (seriously I went everyday and at times twice in one day) because it was $100/year. P bought me a treadmill and it was home gym for me.

    I think you have a ton of pros!!!! I’m a little jealous. Lol. I live the gym and miss my friends there. But, it does save some money… I just don’t know where?!?

    • I’m totally jealous of YOU! I’d love to have a treadmill at home. But I like the idea of making going to the gym a getaway for me. Time with a friend, a break from homelife, and kick some calories while I’m at it! Plus, our health insurance gives us back 150$ a year towards a gym membership, so 90% of my gym membership is kinda free. Can’t loose there. Plus I think if I had a treadmill at home it would just sit there and collect dust since I’d be so distracted by other house stuff that needs to get done.

      Oh and our gym opens at 430am… since I don’t leave for work until 615 I think I might go ring their doorbell a few weekly mornings…

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