Avery’s First Digger

I’m not talking about one of those cool motorized bulldozers or something (although they do look like fun!)… I’m talking about Avery’s first BIG fall!  Yeah, he’s had his fair share of bumps on the head while he was learning to walk, scratches from other kids at daycare, and even bonked his head on a door frame when he was with the babysitter last week.  But those were all minor compared to what he looked like when I picked him up from daycare yesterday.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of those ‘Go play in the dirt’ Moms.  I love that Avery likes to explore and dig his fingers into the dirt and when he comes home from daycare, I know he’s had a good day when he has food caked in his hair, dirt under his nails, and food stains on his shirt.  Kids are supposed to get messy.  But when I saw my little guys face at daycare yesterday, oh poor little man…


He had fallen while trying to move over a toy in the playground.  His failed, yet ambitious, attempt had resulted in scratching his nose on the mulch ground.  His caregivers cleaned it with soap and water, but it was still pink hours later when I picked him up.

Surprisingly, I didn’t freak when I saw him.  I thought, ‘oh nice job Avery, what naughtiness have you gotten into today!?’ (his great grandma always says ‘naughtiness!’ to him on our video chats). He was his usual excited self and didn’t seem to care about his mauled nose.  I was glad he was OK and kinda happy that he has a ‘battle scar’.  It makes him look tough!

Before I took him home, I signed an ‘injury report’ his caregivers had filled out about the accident.  LOVE LOVE LOVE that his daycare does this.  They jot down what happened, when, and what they did to administer first aid.  It’s hard enough not knowing Avery’s every move during the day, so knowing exactly what happened when he had a rough day is very reassuring to a mommy.

Do you remember you kids first big accident?  Did it require a trip to the hospital or just a kiss and cartoon band-aid?


5 thoughts on “Avery’s First Digger

  1. Aww, poor little guy! He’s a tough one! Our daycare does the same thing and I love it too. They call to tell you about it first too so that you don’t show up and get a surprise. This has happened twice now and both times my heart dropped into my stomach when they called. Luckily they start the conversation with, “Annabel is fine, but….” Phew! I feel like she’s a walking accident all the time these days! Constantly falling, banging her head, etc. Fortunately nothing too severe and completely curable with some cuddles, but it still breaks your heart every time:(

    • yeah, my MIL calls Avery a ‘drunken sailor’ because of how he wobbles around… crashing into things. My friend told me that on Avery’s birthday he saw Avery walk right into the leg of the dining room table and topple backwards – he was fine, but didn’t tell me until after the party so I wouldn’t freak haha

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