Boredom Cup

I remember years ago, when I was living at home with my parents in high school – my Mom got our dog, Frasier, a boredom ball.  It was this rubber ball with little holes that you stuff with dog treats.  Frasier would push the ball around with his nose until the treats fell out of the holes.  It kept him busy for a while.

Well, that memory popped into my head when I watched Avery try out his new snack cup – a cup with a plastic flap on the top so he has to dip his hand inside to get the snack….

After a while he got the hang of it and I caught he squatting in front of the fridge…snacking.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing!  Usually when I’m working in the kitchen, Avery wants to be picked up so he can ‘help’…which leaves me only one hand to work with. So now I give Avery an ‘appetizer’ while I cook dinner and he’s totally occupied!

Munchkin-Snack-CatcherIf you’re interested, it’s called the Munchkin Snack Catcher, and we got a two pack of them at Target for like $5. (image source)  Be warned though  – although they advertise these as ‘no spills’ Avery gets more cheerios on the floor than in his mouth!  We don’t mind, because it keeps him busy…

It it bad that when I saw him with this new cup that I thought about the doggie boredom ball memory?


4 thoughts on “Boredom Cup

  1. We have these and love them too! It keeps Annabel occupied for ages. And yes, we were getting cheerios all over the place as well, which I don’t mind but then I discovered a bunch of ants on the kitchen floor and when I looked closer, I found a little piece of a cheerio. Oops! There are also these little sweet potato rice cake things that I got at Babies R Us that Annabel loves and they are a bit bigger so she can’t hold one of the little flaps back and dump them out quite as easily as she can with the cheerios….watch out for when Avery figures that out! 🙂

    • haha… Annabel was just sharing with her little ant friends! I have also tried goldfish in the snack cup… they’re a good size too!

      I’ll keep a keen eye on him for when he learns to dump them out…:)

    • Yes, especially when Avery wants to help…like really help. He loves putting objects in containers so if I cut up a green pepper, he wants to pick it up off the cutting board and drop in the pan… LOVES it. But while I’m cutting the pepper, he’s at my legs begging me to pick him up… with the cup, he forgets about me and is focused on getting his snack out!

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