Curtains and Cousins

I’m back!  You know how if you spend a weekend away from your email, facebook, and the internet, you feel so out of touch with the world?  Well that was this past (extended) weekend for me – I feel like it’s been FOREVER since I last posted!

My parents came to visit Thursday night thru Sunday afternoon.  Then Monday morning Vinay’s cousin flew in from Califonia and stayed with us until last night.  It was a blur of house projects, visitors, and lots of time with Avery!  I was so occupied that the blog and email fell to the wayside…

But we’re back now, so here’s a recap of what we’ve been up to these past few days…

Thursday Grammy & Grampy arrive that night (with their dogs!)

Friday Avery plays hooky from daycare and spent the day playing in the dirt with Grammy and Grampy, who spruced up the yard. My Dad went to town on a ‘Grampy to-do List’ I made:  He patched the window frames (paint chips from the old curtain rods we took off a year ago), weed-wacked and mowed the lawn, took out and A/C…
That night, my friend Erin came over and we hemmed curtains (that I bought 6 months ago) for the dining room.

Saturday   I worked 6-12, then we made a fun trip to Ikea for curtain rods, a rug, and picture frames.  PLUS we totally took advantage of their FREE FOOD weekend! We found out Avery likes their chicken fingers and Swedish meatballs.
Oh… and that night, Fraiser joined Avery for a bath…

We think Vinay was bugging him again (they have this love-hate thing where Vinay stares at Frasier, and Fraisier growls back, but is wagging his tail), so he was scared and always hides in the bathroom, but since Avery was in the tub, I guess he just decided to join… and Frasier HATES baths.  He runs when he hears the word.  Weird.

Sunday back to Ikea because we grabbed the wrong rug and didn’t realize it until we got home.  Made a stop at Home Depot for decorative aluminum sheeting for the old radiator covers I want to refinish (another Grampy project).  Hung the new rod and curtains… oh and a floating shelf I was dying to get for months now. Here is a teaser… I’ll post pictures of the new curtains and rug in the dining room soon.

We trimmed the big trees engulfing our driveway… then Grammy and Grampy headed home to VT.
Monday Sophia, Vinay’s cousin from California, flew in at 6am.  It was a rainy day so we made a trip to Costco and the mall to return some items and buy essentials – Yes, Sophia flew 3,000 miles to buy diapers and bubble bath with me!  Avery had a ball running around with a zillion other kids in the mall play area.


Sophia was jet lagged, so we were in bed at 8pm and I was able to finish the second book in the Fifty series!


Tuesday Still raining…Avery and I took Sophia to the Museum of Science.

IMG_2543 IMG_2550

Avery had fun running around, well that was after our 3 trips to the bathroom.  We got there, changed Avery’s diaper, thinking we could enjoy the exhibits without stopping to do diaper changes.  Well, one exhibit later, poopy diaper.  Then not 10 minute after our second bathroom trip, he made THAT face… which led to a third bathroom trip and our LAST diaper.  I told Avery he better hold off because if he messed this one, we would have to leave!  He listened and we made it thru the museum without any more bathroom visits!

That night before Avery’s dinner, he drew a picture for Daddy with his new markers…. which were very tasty…
After Avery went down, we had a girls movie night.  Sophia made homemade onion soup and we ate in front of the TV watching The 5-Year Engagement.

Wednesday Our big plans to have Sophia take pictures of Avery for his ‘One-Year Pictures’ were squashed with more rain… so we improvised and did them inside… will share soon!  Then I dropped Sophia off at a friend’s in the city where she would round out her trip.  I told her I wish I could have kept her…. she cooks, she watches chick flicks, and she’s like having a baby chauffeur when I’m shopping!

How do you entertain a guest when they come to visit?  I know Sophia didn’t travel across the country to go to Costco, but we got stuff done and spent time together… so I think I showed her a good time?!


2 thoughts on “Curtains and Cousins

  1. Costco is always a great way to spend time together! 🙂 I love IKEA for their curtains (and other furnishings) too. Our closest one is an hour away though, which is probably best since I’d be there all the time if it was closer.

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