NUMB3ERS: One Year Check-Up

IMG_2459Man, I feel like I’ll be talking about Avery’s one-year mark for weeks… Another big event that came along with turning ONE was his one-year doctor’s visit.  Here’s our recap of the visit in fun numbers style…

2 – The number of girls Avery flirted with in the waiting room before our appointment.  He’s such a ‘ladies man‘.

4 – Shots.  Avery had the flu shot for the first time, and a few others.  He was such a champ.  He cried for less than a minute and he hasn’t shown any signs of reactions, yet!

21 – Avery weighs 21lbs and 6 ounces!  I was sooo excited.  He’d been hovering above 20 pounds the past two months and I was hoping he’d pass the 21 marker, and he did!  This puts him in the 29th percentile… up from 21st percentile at his 9 month check-up.

growth chart 12 months -weight

30 – Avery is now 30 inches tall!  That’s up 1inch since his last visit at 9 months.  This also means he is only 31-1/2 inches away from passing me in height!  He’s still on the tall side, in the 58th percentile.

growth chart 12 months -length

47 – The size of Avery’s BIG head (in cm).  It grew 1 1/2 cm since last visit… and he’s still on the BIG side at the 69th percentile, up from the 55th last visit!  Big head =  big brain, right?

growth chart 12 months -head circumference

How’s Avery doing developmentally for 12-months?  Here’s a few items on the checklist of items she asked about:

  • Walking?: Check!
  • Talking? Check!  We did let the doc know we’re a little concerned because he’s not a big talker.  He does babble a lot, and the doc said that was good.
  • Drinking Milk? Check!
  • Teeth? Check!
  • Eating using the Pincher Grasp?: Check!
  • Does he Bang toys Together? Check!
  • Sleeping thru the Night? No!  Oh did we have a talk with her about this.  The doc suggested a few things and we’re on our way to sleeping thru the night… Avery’s slept much better this week! Catch up on our sleep struggles here, here, here, and here.
  • Does he Point? No!  Avery doesn’t really point…something we need to work on I guess?

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5 thoughts on “NUMB3ERS: One Year Check-Up

  1. Oh, gotta love the 1-year check up. Looks like he’s doing FABULOUS!!! And we’re having the same issue – the sleeping through the night. I’m interested to know what the doc suggested for you. We’re trying to get her to sleep more in the crib again. It’s going to be tough (or has been tough). We started this week. We’ll see how it goes. It’s a work in progress. -Rachel

    • Hey Rachel. I don’t wanna jinx anything, but Avery has slept thru the night (730-6/630) the past two nights. What I changed – instead of rocking him while giving him his bottle, we sit on the floor (Avery in my lap) while he drinks his bottle and I read him books. I also put a lamp in his room so we turn the overhead light off and turn on the lamp, to lower the light enough to read, but he understands it’s time to settle down. Then after 20 minutes of reading, Avery is awake, but I put him in the crib. Turn off the light and rub his head a littler while he shifts around in his crib. After a couple minutes of that I leave. I can hear him moving around for about 5-10 minutes and he will cry sometimes a minute or two but then puts himself to sleep! The doc said the rocking before bed was messing him up because if he woke up in the middle of the night, we’d have to rock him back to sleep…he associated it with sleep. So now if he wakes up between REM cycles at night, he can put himself back to sleep!

      • Thanks! That’s our problem though. I don’t think Lili will have it if we put her in her crib AWAKE. Oh, that girl has got lungs. I’m taking, she’s probably ready to audition for Glee. I don’t watch the show, but boy, she can hold that note for a lonnnnnnng time. I might try a similar approach though.

        I *hope* that this is something that will hold for you guys! Seriously, a sleeping baby through the night has got to be heaven. LOL

      • I understand… Avery was just the same. He would cry for up to 3 hours (we’d check on him and rock him) but would still flip out. For some reason, he doesn’t anymore. Worth a try… but every baby is different, so I hope you guys find something that works for you too!

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