The Last Formula

No, I haven’t gathered all the birthday photos and videos yet.  Hold your horses (Ngoc)… we’ll share them soon (sneak peak here).  Until then I thought I’d share my excitement for Avery turning ONE.  We spent the weekend reminiscing here and there about where we were only a year ago.  In the hospital, the birth, my girl Ashley cheering me on, Vinay making fun of me for getting an epidural (ya you try to go thru childbirth hunny), how tiny Avery used to be, and how much he’s grown and developed in just a year.

But all mushiness aside, I’ve been floored for this day to come – for some very PRACTICAL reasons  One year means Avery’s a toddler.  It means lots of stuff is changing.  Let’s be blunt here.  Babies are expensive.  If you remember back, I tried to breastfeed Avery.  I tried for a month, and maybe it was because he came a month early, or whatever the reason was, I didn’t produce enough milk.  I nursed him and pumped every 2-3 hours for a month and after that, the doc gave us the OK to switch all to formula (we had been suplementing with formula).  This was all well and good until Avery would spit up alot of it.  So after trying many formulas, we found one for Acid Reflux that he could keep down.  Where am I going with this?  Well, formula is expensive.  Especially the special kind we needed that we couldn’t even get in bulk.  I went coupon crazy and got mailed coupons and bought them when they were on sale, but at 20-24$ each carton, and at the peak of Avery’s formula intake, the carton would only last 4 1/2 days.  So we were spending $150 a month, JUST on formula.  Add diapers and wipes, baby food, etc.  It adds up.


So… coming up to the one year marker, we knew we’d be switching to whole milk.  The week before Avery’s first birthday, I started putting a little milk in his bottles.  He didn’t seem to notice or care, so we kept the ratio of milk to formula growing until Sunday (the day after his birthday) and the carton of formula ran out and we switched to milk in his bottles.  So, as of Sunday Avery is off formula and is drinking whole milk.  I’m psyched!  We’ve been pinching pennies trying to make our bills like all other families in this economy.  So every little bit helps.  Yeah, milk is expensive.  But I’ll take a $4 gallon of milk over a 24$ carton of formula!  Yay!

With a growing toddler (awe, he’s not a baby anymore), Avery’s now eating less ‘baby food’ and more table foods.  He loves eating with his fingers and although he refuses to eat his veggies, we try to offer him whatever we are eating.  If he doesn’t eat much or doesn’t get in the fruits & veggies he needs, I’ll give him the Gerber mush.  But since he’s eating more table foods, we’re spending less and less on the baby food.  Another Yay! Last night Avery and I shared a chicken breast and sweet potato fries… yum!


And last but not least, come January 1st, Avery will be in the next bracket at daycare, which means his daycare tuition goes down $60 a month. Big YAY!

Oh and I almost forgot.  Thanks to the crazy amount of gifts from his birthday, Aver won’t be needing and clothes or toys for a LONG time.  Plus, Christmas is just around the corner…

What other savings can I expect now that Avery’s a toddler? Please share…

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13 thoughts on “The Last Formula

    • Awe, in a way you were. He looked SUPER in his outfit… everyone loved it. We took video of each event and I’ll post them to share so you can be as much a part of it as possible. Ohhhh we need to plan a Skype date soon so you can see the little man live in action!

  1. Good stuff! I remember the crazy prices of formula, Elisabeth only had it for a few months because I managed to breastfeed for ages. And formula is such a lot of hassle as well! We were delighted we could switch to milk and like Avery, Elisabeth didn’t notice or didn’t care. You’ve got such a lovely time ahead, enjoy every minute of it 🙂

  2. Woohoo, congrats! I can definitely see how you’d be excited for this milestone. I was fortunate to be able to breastfeed the whole year, but I too have looked forward to the one year mark so that we could start weaning. It sounds like you’ve had a much easier switch than me though! At almost 13 months now, we aren’t entirely weaned, but we’re getting closer everyday. You’re right– there are some sad bits about them growing up, but there are also some really great aspects to it! Way to stay positive:) And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AVERY!!!

    • Thanks, Adrianne. It is sad to look back and Awe at how much he’s grown… but it’s also exciting to be onto better (and cheaper!) things… haha.

  3. Happy birthday to Avery! He has changed so much – just like Sixtine.

    And congrats on your savings hehe! I loved reading your article, I could have written the exact same thing! Formula is so expensive – especially here in Canada. You can find the same brand for half the price in France.

  4. Money saving is awesome!! I’ve noticed the clothing expense has slowed down over here because our lil’ man isn’t growing as fast and he’s going to turn one on October 28. Even better about the day care expense going down; I know that’s a burden that’s probably feeling a whole lot lighter.

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