Blogiversary I: The Year in Photos

This month marks our ONE YEAR Blogiversary!  We started the celebration earlier this month, here.  The celebration continues in a photo montage of this past year…



great grandfather



baby pool 6


family portrait

baby in shopping cart

toddler eating finger foodsbaby walking

country concert

If you missed our first celebratory post last week, check it out here.

Psst… if you liked this, you’ll love the video montage of Avery’s First Year we made for his birthday… we’ll share next week after it’s big debut at Saturday’s Party!


6 thoughts on “Blogiversary I: The Year in Photos

    • Hi Kate. Thanks. I’m almost done a video montage of Avery’s First year… you’ll see that too. I’m sure you’ll see lots of similar photos like Bergen… 🙂

  1. Congrats one ONE year!!! Hopefully I can make it that far 🙂 Your little boy has grown so much. Isn’t it fun watching them grow and do new things!

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