One in Three

Three days to go before Avery’s FIRST birthday party! I haven’t done much since our countdown started on Monday – been busy celebrating my birthday and just keeping the house picked up. But my Mom (Grammy) has been working like a mad woman to get lots of goodies ready to bring for the party.  She’s been a HUGE help planning this with me.  Her and Grampy will be coming in on Friday night (goodies in tow), and stealing Avery away the morning of the party so hubby and I can get setup for the party.

What do we have in store for the party?  Here’s a sneak peak…

first birthday pinata

Grammy made a pinata (a family tradition for holidays & parties) and although Avery won’t really be able to hit it, the other kiddos at the party will have fun giving it a whack.  What do you put in a one-year-old’s birthday pinata?  We’ll have to see… but a birdy told me there’s some goldfish in there… Avery’s favorite!

And a Superman party wouldn’t be complete without a phone booth for Superman to change in…

telephone booth from box

I had this awesome (but ambitious) idea to make a phone booth out of a cardboard box…since Avery loves boxes. But I gave up the idea when I quickly realized I didn’t have time to make it.  Step in Super-Granny… who whipped one up that we’re sure Avery will LOVE.

Avery has TWO, yes two, birthday outfits for the big day.  One from his Grandma in NYC that says ‘My First Birthday’ which he can wear during the day before the party.  Then he has this SUPER outfit from a Super Secret Sender for the party…

Super Baby Custom Onesie

So, we’re down to the wire here… only a few days left.  How are we gonna pull this together?  I mean, we’ve been buying and making things for months and maybe because it’s scattered in bags around the house and with my mom that I just feel scatter brained and I’ll feel better when it’s all out and setup…. in a clean house.

Well, last night Avery helped me clean up his room – which resulted in packing ANOTHER box of ‘baby’ stuff to put away in the basement.  It’s so sweet seeing things he’s outgrown and so crazy that it’s almost been a year since we brought him home.  And I felt good about packing them safely away…because I have a feeling Avery will need some extra space for new toys from his birthday party.

I’ll finish Avery’s room tonight.  And Avery and I will make a run to the grocery store tonight for the party food supplies.  That leaves some more house cleaning and decorating for Friday night and Saturday.  I wasn’t so stressed about cleaning the house, anticipating a backyard party on our new deck.  But the fall New England weather is coming fast.  It’ll only be 60 with a 50% chance of rain on Saturday… so we’re moving the party indoors.  And man does that stress me out.  We have a tiny house.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love our house.  It’s perfect for our family of three.  But add 20-30 house guests, a piniata, food, presents… eek where can I fit all that?!

So, I now have to squeeze in cleaning the WHOLE house.  Ugh.  Well, actually it needs a good clean anyways so this can be a good thing.  As long as I don’t loose my mind getting everything done before the party.  The last thing I want is to be stressed on Avery’s birthday.  Grammy will be here Friday night to help… maybe I should kick my birthday heels together and wish for an extra 500 square feet in our house when I get home tonight?  Too late for a birthday wish like that?….I can dream…

Am I forgetting anything?  Are there little details you wished you had done or forgot on the last party you planned?

Psst… thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday!  When I got back from lunch, my coworkers had a cake for me!  And when I got home hubby had flowers and a card… very special day for me, thanks all!

IMG_2430[1] IMG_2431[1] IMG_2432[1]


2 thoughts on “One in Three

    • Thanks! I am excited that it’s finally Friday and we can’t wait to celebrate tomorrow! Unfortunately it’s going to rain… but it won’t rain on our parade!

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