Bathroom Pinspiration

Although our focus at home has been on our new couch.  We’ve shuffled the furniture around and foud a nice fit that we’ll share soon. You can see a sneak peak at our new rug in these videos. Today I’m switching gears back to planning our bathroom renovation.  If you need a reminder, this is what I’m working with…

As much as we love the painted tiles and mish-mosh of fixtures (BLECK!), we’re going with a complete renovation overhaul!  We won’t be doing this until this coming winter or spring – which leaves me lots of time to design it!

Since my last banter, I’ve made some headway on the direction we’d I’d like to go with the bathroom. (This is all my doing, but I did run it by hubby – he seems skeptical but I’ll win him over eventually.  I think he’s a little cautious about my design choices after I tried to paint our hallway purple…hehe) I was having trouble thinking of how to relay these zillions of ideas I have.  Solution? Pinterest!  Here’s a glimpse into the remodel plans…

Neutral with a pop of color.  I’m thinking a smoky grey on the walls above white beadboard wainscoting with a pop of mustard yellow in the decor.  This way, it’s a neutral palette and we have the option to change it up in the future just by switching out the decor, which is much less expensive than repainting, or putting in new fixtures & tiles.

Here are a few ‘color pinspirations‘…

Source: via Meghan on Pinterest

Source: via Meghan on Pinterest

Source: via Meghan on Pinterest

White fixtures: New tub with tiled walls & new vanity.  We currently have a 3-piece tub insert, which I think looks cheap.  Tiling the walls will be much more work, BUT look much better.  The vanity I’m not sure about.  I could refinish the cabinet (something dark dark grey) and get a new sink top that has more counter space.  Or we could get a new one all together….maybe with open storage?  Here are a few tubs and vanities I’m digging…

Source: via Meghan on Pinterest

Source: via Meghan on Pinterest

Open shelving to appear spacious, but provide the storage we need since this is our ONLY bathroom.  I’d love a decorative mirror, but for functional purposes we will need a medicine cabinet. Oh and did I mention that I have to get on my tipy toes to see myself in the current mirror?  It’s way too high so I’d love to add a tall mirror that extends the room vertically while serving the purpose of being able to see myself!


I want to add decor with pops of color on towels, toothbrush holder, rug, waste basket, etc…

Source: via Meghan on Pinterest


White at two levels with a lip to rest decor on.

Source: via Meghan on Pinterest


Anything would be an upgrade from the hideous laminate tiles we have now…and since the space is small we could splurge on a marble or stone.. not sure which ones I like more yet…and to go dark or light…?

Source: via Meghan on Pinterest

More bathroom renovation ideas to come… What did you think of these?


12 thoughts on “Bathroom Pinspiration

    • great suggestion. I was thinking about that… but how much work and how much would it cost? The floor in there is seriously less than 5 x 5… very small! Still worth it? I wonder what the resale value would be… would it be worth it? We’re outgrowing this house fast and need to think about making the $ we put in, back when we sell….

      • I’m not sure about the resell value. I find it makes LIVING in the home more comfortable, especially in the winter months. It’ll probably land in perks area when selling your house but I don’t think it’ll add as much as a new kitchen would.

        AK said this, “Once you have tile floors and it’s not heated, it will cost A LOT of money to get it heated.” The heated floor was about 9X9 and costs around $300. He said it was really easy to install.

        I constant think of things resell value when we change something in our house. We’re upgrading our windows this week and next. All of them. Our piggy bank took a big hit but I think it’s worth it when we resell.

      • new windows are a big deal and a great home investment. 300$ for 9×9 isn’t bad… and our floor is half that size… so seems very reasonable. Thanks for the info Mr K 🙂

  1. All looks good. remember if you keep the positions the same its a much cheaper job as the wastes and pipes won’t have to move. Having someone come tile is worth the cost. they move so fast they could probably do your bathroom in a day and it will be perfect. learn from my mistakes of trying to do it myself. baths are never relaxing again as you lay looking at all your mistakes. We are putting black lino down in the kids bathroom soon, they are a messy lot. especially boys using the loo and missing. so mop clean is good. watch out for slippy tiles or you will be making towel walkways for your little one. little feet Aquaplane easy 🙂

    • great point… slippery tiles are not a good combination with little feet. Will keep that in mind! We are keeping all fixtures where they are… it will save us $ and the space is so small that I don’t think relocating anything will really help…

    • Thanks. I’m getting excited for the remodel. I’m honing in on the exact ideas and products I want. By the time I plan it all out, it’ll be time to do the reno!

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