Our Boy’s Got Skillz

It seems like every day, Avery is doing something new.  I had a second to sit down and jot down some notes in his baby book, one was “Avery can walk but still can’t stand up without pulling up on something”.  Guess what he did that very night?  Stood up in front of me – by himself.  Sheesh!  I had to go back in the next day and correct myself!

So, with all these new ‘skillz’ lately, It’s been hard to keep our blog up to date on Avery’s latest developments.  So I thought I’d do a quick recap of what Avery’s been up to lately…

baby walkingWalkingAvery can walk across a room by himself.  Stop, squat and pick up a toy (or old cheerio) off the floor, stand back up and keep walking.  He no longer needs to pull up on furniture (although he still does and I swear one of these days I’ll see him hanging from the dishwasher handle), and can stand up by himself.  Yet he still is wobbly and looks like a ‘drunken sailor’ but his efforts are so determined!

Climbing.  Avery loves climbing up stairs and I swear it won’t be long before he can pull himself up on a dining room chair or the living room sofa.

Babbling.  It’s a stretch to call it talking because Avery talks gibberish.  He says ‘mama’ and ‘da’ for daddy.  He’s repeated ‘all done’ to me and sometimes it sounds like he says ‘thank you’ back to me… but he’s really not much of a talker.  He jabbers on about who knows what when he’s playing.

Throwing.  We were thrilled when Avery learned to throw he bouncy blue ball.  We sit in the living room passing it back and forth and Avery loves it.  Unfortunely, Avery has realized he can throw more than balls… wooden blocks and food go far in our house… and sometimes we wonder if we should be wearing ponchos and helmets at all times.

Sharing.  Avery loves sharing his food and toys.  He will hold out something for you, you take it, then give it back.  This can go on for a few minutes.  He can take a toy from a box and put it back in.

Cause & Effect.  I can’t explain how thrilled I was the other night when Avery wanted to play with his wooden blocks… you know the ones with the numbers and letters?  Well I took some out to make a tower – thinking he’ll knock it over as always.  To my surprise, he took the block off the top, put it back in the box, picked it back up and put it ontop of another block.  He was stacking blocks!!!  Coolest thing ever!  I was so proud of my little man.  Oh and he has this gumball machine that he puts a ball in the top and pushes a lever and out pops the ball.  He’s so cute when he does something because it’s like he asses what he did, thinks about it, and tries to repeat it.

toddler eating finger foodsPicky Eating.  Avery has mastered finger foods.  Only problem is, he only picks up the ones he wants.  He loves toast, meat, and cheese.  He smushes and throws everything else he doesn’t like… carrots, peas, pretty much any veggies.  So, we still spoon feed some Gerber to make sure he’s getting his fruits & veggies.  Next, we’ll be teaching him to use a spoon!

Clapping.  One day while driving home from daycare, I was peaking in the mirror to check on Avery.  Usually about 3 minutes into the ride he’s already tossed all his toys and has nothing to play with and starts screaming because he’s bored.  He was rather quiet and then I saw why… he was clapping!  And he thought it was the coolest thing.  He was smiling and clapping… clapping and smiling.  Now when someone else starts clapping, he will join in!

Dancing.  Avery has always loved noises and music.  We now find him bobbing his head to a beat or sometimes he’s wiggling his but when he hears a song.  It’s too cute.

Wrestling.  Avery has this obsession with pillows.  He doesn’t just love to lay on them, but he loves to pick them up and wrestle with them.  It’s amazing how strong he is and entertaining to see him occupied for so long just with a pile of pillows….

Along with Avery’s physical development, his social and emotional development amazes us.  He smiles and laughs when having fun.  He even throws a fit when we take something away from him.  He’s thrown a tantrum already.  After he wouldn’t eat any more food and was throwing it, I put him down on the floor and he was screaming. Just sitting and screaming.  I knew nothing was wrong so I went back to washing dishes and he sat there crying and looking up at me.  I ignored him and a minute later he found a ball nearby and was smiling and laughing putting it in his gumball machine.

Oh and don’t get me started on his seperation anxiety.  If he knows I’m in the house, he hones in on me and finds me.  Even if he’s occupied and playing, he’ll quickly look around for me and need to find me.  He’ll start saying ‘mamamamama’ until sees me.  Then he smiles and he’s fine.  This is all well and good… I love that my little man loves me.  But this also means it’s very hard to gets tasks complete around the house.

Have you trained your child to use a spoon?  That’s next on our to-learn list… but Avery is only interested in chewing it and throwing it off his highchair.  Help!

Pssst: I got the great idea for this post from Owen’s Mom here.  🙂


9 thoughts on “Our Boy’s Got Skillz

  1. Fun! You keep reminding me to be better at writing notes in B’s baby book! We’ve been doing a little spoon feeding here and there…I keep it pretty casual 😉 but it’s hard to give up the control because of the potential of being SO messy. I make sure it’s something he really likes like apple sauce or cottage cheese, hand the spoon to him, and he attempts to slurp the food off…he often needs help with leverage. I’m thinking I need to take advantage of our indian summer weather & try this outside in the backyard!

  2. We have slowly been letting Cassidy get used to a spoon and fork. I find that if we let her hold one while eating she will make attempts and is at least getting used to holding it.

    • Thanks. Avery has this odd obsession with trying to lift EVERYTHING. He’s too strong for his own good sometimes… lifing heavy things that could land on his toes… pillows allow him to lift things safely… haha

    • I know! He’s doing something new every day and it seems like the past 1-2 months he’s been developing like a mad-man…like he know’s he’ll be a ‘toddler’ soon and he’s gotta get this this and this done before that day, haha.

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