My Baby is becoming a Toddler

Avery is 11 months old today.  How time flies! We’re only a month away from his first birthday, and we have one month left before we can’t call him a baby anymore!

What’s Avery up to these days….

He prefers doing everything himself.  He would rather eat finger foods than Gerber mush.  He now has 6 teeth to chomp with and his favorites are toast, cheese, and hot dogs.

toddler eating finger foods

His mobility has grown the past month.  He pulls on objects to stand and cruises around furniture.  He walks while holding someones hand and takes steps between objects.  He walked across the entire kitchen one night!

baby walking

He loves making noise, whether it’s banging blocks together or pounding on his piano.

When he is in a patient mood, he likes to be read to. He loves turning the pages of a book, especially before Mommy’s done reading that page!

He has changed from 2 naps a day to just one!  He still isn’t sleeping thru the night, but gets 9-10 hours of sleep a night and naps 1-2 hours mid-day.

He knows his name and says a few words like MaMa, DaDa, All Done, Yeah and Thank You.  He understands commands like ‘come here’ and ‘sit down’

And right now he’s going thru a clingy stage where if Mommy leaves the room, he crawls after her crying ‘mamama!’  But he still is comfy with new people.

When does a baby technically become a toddler?  When they turn one or when they start doing ‘toddler’ things like walking and talking?

6 thoughts on “My Baby is becoming a Toddler

    • Thanks Deni. We caught Avery trying to crawl up his baby gate and my husband flipped – I said, don’t worry, I’ve seen Mac do much worse – this is just where it starts…wait until we find him hanging like a monkey from the dishwasher…

      • Bah-hahahaha! Sometimes I wonder if I just shouldn’t invest in a few gym mats and hang some ropes from the ceiling in our living room – let him go to town! We just upped our kid-proofing again this weekend. . .door gadgets and a gate at the top of the stairs – just on the off chance he has a superman moment and figures out how to get out of his crib in the middle of the night. I just keep reminding myself folks have raised families in these homes for over 100 years and it should be fine.

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