First Words

We had THAT moment…one of those, picture frozen in my memory, speechless, surprised, can’t believe it moments.  Avery said his first words.

We were sitting at the dining room table Wednesday night, all eating dinner together – something new for us, and we hope to start doing more often now that our schedules allow it.  Avery was busily shoving small pieces of meat and pasta into his mouth.  I was taking a bite of my hot dog in between spooning him some Gerber mush wondering if he was going to explode.  Man this kid can eat!  Ear infection gone and it’s a complete 180 from last week.  Vinay’s updating me on the stuff he picked up from Home Cheapo.  I hand Avery a’ cookie’ (teething cracker) to knaw on while I quickly scarf down the rest of my meal because I know he’s going to get fussy when he’s full and I’ll need to whisk him off to the bath because 1/2 the food he’s tried to shove in his mouth is ALL OVER HIM.

baby at dinner table

Avery finished a couple cookies and his Gerber.  I hold out my hands to show him they are empty and say my usual ‘all done’ to indicate the activity (eating dinner) is over.  To my utter surprise, while gawking up at me says, “Ah dun.”  Silence.  I look at Vinay.  He’s speechless too.  My mouth was probably gaping open.

We snap back into reality and start smiling like giddy children.  Was that what we think it was?  His very first words?!  He’s been babbling “Ma-Ma” and “Da-Da” and “Ba-Ba” but not sure if he had associated them yet – and he sure had never repeated anything we had said – until now!  AND doesn’t ‘All done’ qualify as a full sentence?  Yeah, my kid doesn’t say first words – he just goes right into full on talking…

So, just to make sure we weren’t dreaming… I did the hand gesture again, “All Done!”… A little hesitation… and comes out “Ah dun.”  Coolest moment E-V-E-R.  We tried it again, but by this time, Avery was squirming around and fussing because his food was ‘all gone’ and he has the attention span of a fish.  So we didn’t get it a third time, but oh man was that cool!

What were your child’s first words?  What ‘big moments’ do you remember from your children growing up?

15 thoughts on “First Words

    • haha, no way! I thought it was an odd choice for first words, but then again I say it all day… when we are done each activity, I say it. So it makes sense!

  1. Yay! So exciting! I think we’re counting “ball” as Annabel’s first words since it was the first word she said that she actually associated with the object. It’s so fun listening to them babble and learn words! I love how Annabel is now getting to the point where she understands a lot more of what I say…makes things much easier! 🙂

  2. That is awesome, how fun!!! Cant wait to see him he is growing so handsome. On another note we got the invite, super cute! You are the best mom ever! I am trying to figure out how to make it work, I may be able to go, but Kris will be in Chicago for Boards. Miss you guys!

  3. Aww, cute! And smart boy!! 🙂 Our daughter said “ball” firts and our son said “bubble”. Our littlest (almost one) says “night-night” clear as day when he’s tired and we mention going to bed! Also when my hubbyts home he crawls quickly to the door saying “dada!!” LOUDLY, so we know he has made the association.

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