Schedule Smedule

Sometimes I can be a little OCD.  I make lists.  I like things clean and stored neatly in their place.  But after having a baby, all h*ll has broken loose.  There is always a pile (or two) of clean laundry needing to be folded – probably on top of the dining room table or our bed.  There are toys ALL OVER the house.  I find blocks and pacifiers in the oddest places.  Our amazing dinner menu board is usually blank, because who knows what we’re having for dinner until about 20 minutes before we eat, because I’m so busy I forgot to take out meat in the morning before jetting off to work.  Yeah, things can be a little crazy when we’re both working, and have a little monster that keeps getting sick.

Well, we hoped to cool things down a little when we decided to cut back on the traveling, so we can spend weekends relaxing at home and getting stuff done, and our new daycare allows us to share pickup and drop off.  With that said, we’ve fallen into a nice ‘routine’.  It is by no means a ‘schedule’ as things pop up and sometimes change.  But for the most part, this is a typical day in our life…

5:15AM My Alarm goes off.  Snooze.

5:30AM Hubby’s Alarm goes off. ‘Vinay turn that off before Avery-” and I hear a ‘waaaah from across the hall’.

5:31AM Avery cuddles with Daddy while mommy hops in the shower.

5:45AM Vinay hops in the shower and I finish getting ready/dressed while watching Avery.  He has an odd fascination with doors.. so if I put him in front of the bathroom vanity, he plays with the doors – open. closed.  open. closed….  while I get ready in front of the mirror.

6AM Avery is changed and all dressed for the day, plopped in the highchair to eat some cheerios.  I finish packing all our bags/lunches for the day.

6:15AM Vinay is ready to take over with Avery and feed him breakfast.  I’m out the door, and drive to work leaving this behind me…

daddy feeding baby

7AM Vinay drops Avery at daycare & I arrive at work

7:45AM Vinay arrives at work

3:30PM I leave work to pickup Avery

4:15PM Pickup Avery from Daycare.  Avery likes our much shorter commute with his new daycare.  Instead of flipping out because he’s stuck in the back seat alone for an hour, he easily amuses himself for 15 minutes…

baby socks
4:30PM Arrive home with Avery and we go for a walk in the stroller.

5:30PM We’re back home and Avery plays while I unpack his bag from the day and restock it.  He’s usually quite a distraction and I just end up playing with him.

6PM Avery has dinner.  Vinay usually arrives home by this time and greets Vinay with a messy hello!
baby eating dinner

6:20PM Avery has his bath..which he loves and finds it SO amusing to toss all the toys onto the bathroom floor…
baby bath

6:40PM Playtime as a family.

7:30PM Books, bottle, and bed for Avery with Mommy.  Vinay starts dinner at this time.  (or we swap)

8PM I cook dinner while Vinay washes bottles and puts away dishes and loads the dishwasher.  Lately we’ve been cooking on the grill…

kabobs on the grill

8:20PM Dinner together. Sometimes at the table if we want to chat, other times in front of the TV if we just want to relax and catch up on a DVR’d show.

9PM Clean up & get ready for bed.

9:30PM Lights out.

(2AM,4AM) Avery typically wakes 2-3 times per night… he’s been sick lately so it’s been rough but we’re getting back to letting him cry it out and learn to put himself back to sleep.

Then we do it all again!  Take a look back at our daily routine when Avery was 4 months old.  Things have really changed since then.  Oh how time flies… especially since Avery’s 1st Birthday is just around the corner!

What’s a day in your life like? Is it typical from day to day or changes from one day to the next?


7 thoughts on “Schedule Smedule

  1. Looks like you guys are keeping really busy!!! I can’t even start you with my day… crazy, but in a totally different way LOL! Love and miss you guys!!!

  2. Your dinner looks delicious! How is Avery liking his new daycare? Elisabeth is loving it in her new place after the nursery disaster. Hope he is happy there, it makes such a big difference knowing that they’re having a good time.

    • Thanks. We’re utilizing our deck and grill this summer – makes for such yummy meals! Avery loves his new daycare. When I pick him up, he is thrilled to see me, then he tries to pull away to go back to what he was doing! Plus, he’s in between the infant and toddler rooms (since he’s so close to walking) and he’s switching from 2 naps a day, to one long one. He’s growing up too fast! Ahh! Glad to hear Elisabeth loves her new place too 🙂

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