New Arrival…

Guess what just got delivered to our house this morning….

new couch delivered

Our new couch!  Oh I already love the warm beige fabric and it’s 14″ shorter than our ‘old’ couch, so you can imagine how psyched I am to get home and start rearranging furniture!  And I just noticed… the couch came with pillows?  BONUS!

PLUS this means we have somewhere to park our butts at night after Avery goes to sleep.  The past week we’ve been couchless and using our side chair and office chair to relax in front of the TV at night.

Here’s a look at what I’m thinking for the furniture arrangement:

living room layout

Our TV is on an awesome swivel bracket, so I can move the location of the couch without affecting our view of the screen.  I’d love to have this skewed setup to make a more formal seating area instead of the more linear and generic setup we had before.  Plus this opens up a big empty wall that would be perfect for family pictures! Something like our setup in the dining room:

But with more frames of different sizes.  I have family portraits from when Avery was 3 months old and the awesome pictures Vinay’s cousin took of Avery, and Wedding pictures that STILL aren’t up.  So excited to find them a home.  Oh and now I have to find a rug…

Can you tell I’m just a little excited?

Do you have a portrait wall at home?  Where do you display all your family portraits, school photos, wedding pictures?


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