Rainy Weekend at Home

Abiding by our commitment to stay home the entire month of August, we spent another weekend at home.  We slept in, spent the mornings in our PJs hanging out in the living room (sans-couch), got some chores and tasks done, and even had a date night!  And it wouldn’t have been complete without my usual ‘to-do’ list:

to do list
Saturday  Avery woke up at his usual 6am, but I brought him into our bed with his morning bottle and he fell back asleep until 7:30.  Yay to weekend sleep!  Then we were up and ready to tackle the day.  Avery had a big breakfast, and we took off to go grocery shopping while Daddy ran errands.

baby in shopping cart

At first, Avery was thrilled to ride around in the supermarket, but got bored about 1/2 way thru.  Thank you cheerios.  I brought a container of them and Avery ate them out of my hand while we rounded the aisles.  We made it to the frozen food section before he really started getting antsy.  We passed another Mommy strapped with an infant, pushing a cart with a toddler and another kiddo walking alongside.  I had to say something to her,  “I don’t know how you do it!  I barely manage with one!”  She laughed.  “You’d be surprised at how much easier it gets with each one…”  That powered me thru the last aisle and checkout.

Avery passed out in the car on the way home.  Perfect timing.  He napped while I put the groceries away and started the mounds of laundry.  When Avery woke up, he was more than thrilled to help…

baby helping with laundry

When Daddy got back, we were off to Costco to get some essentials – and ONLY the essentials because if we aren’t careful we’ll end up spending $300.  48 rolls of TP, 210 diapers, and 6 boxes of contact lenses later, we were home again.  We rounded up the FOUR loads of laundry (including all our bed linens), and jetted out for a quick walk.  It was pouring all day and we hoped to get in a brisk walk and have Avery pass out for his afternoon nap in between showers.  We apparently don’t walk fast enough because 3/4 of the way thru, it started to rain!  Avery was covered but we got a nice shower!

That night putting Avery to bed was a hassle.  After all the coddling during his ear infection last week, he’s been refusing to go to sleep without being held, then when you put him down in his crib he wakes right up.  So we went back to letting him cry it out.  Not a big deal, except we were all ready for our date night in.  We had bought the Hunger Games (we both read the book) and had some yummy snacks and deserts planned…

chocolate dipped fruit

So, after about a 20 minute delay, Avery was asleep and we enjoyed a nice date night in – well, it would have been nicer if we shared a couch – our new couch still isn’t here, so we sat on an office chair and the living room side chair.  We made it work.

Sunday  Another lazy morning.  We didn’t start our day until 8:30!  We had a nice breakfast together, got ready and headed off to give blood!  Our friend in seattle (we went to their wedding last summer), just had surgery and his wife said the best gift would be to donate blood because he had lost a lot of blood in surgery and the donated blood saved his life.  Well, fast forward 1-1/2 hours later, and I was REJECTED for giving blood.  Why?  Because our visit to Costa Rica.  Apparently, there’s cases of Malaria there, and because of that, I can’t give blood for a year from going.  Boo.

give blood rejected

Oh, and can I just vent for a minute?  The blood drive was given by the RedCross.  Great organization.  However, this blood drive was poorly organized, understaffed, and we had to wait FOREVER, even with an appointment.  No wonder people don’t give blood.  It’s such a hassle.

So, after that waste of time we went home and started mowing our jungle of a yard.  Vinay did the majority of it, and once Avery was napping, I came out and raked a bit.  We only finished the back yard, and left the front for next weekend.  I love how nice our yard looks when the grass is mowed, but really, when do we have time to mow it!?  So it usually looks like a jungle out there for a few weeks, oh well.

After we put Avery to bed we had a nice summer meal – potato salad and sausages on the grill.  Yum.  But after that, we were ready to pass out.  We had accomplished MOST of our to-do list..

to do list done

…and we got some family time and extra sleep… a successful weekend!

What did you do this past weekend?  What do you do to keep busy on a rainy Saturday?


4 thoughts on “Rainy Weekend at Home

  1. Sounds like a busy but fun weekend! I love reading that other people’s babies don’t love being in the shopping cart because I was beginning to think it was just Annabel. She likes to look around for a little bit and does well for a while, but if we aren’t fast enough she starts to lose it.

    • Good to know Avery’s not the only one with a short attention span! I always bring our carrier and store it under the cart, so if all h*ll breaks loose, I can put him in that and keep shopping.

  2. I love “to-do” lists. BUT You know what I love most? Crossing off what we’ve accomplished on the “to-do” list!!! It looks like you got a ton done. Avery is too cute. Lili can stand to be in a shopping cart for at least half an hour but then she starts to get fussy. However, when we go to the A&P, that’s where they have the shopping carts with the cars attached and that she can stay in for the entire shopping trip. HA!

    We had a few things on the to-do list and were able to cross off a few of those things! It’s hard when I’m training for a marathon because that takes a good chunk of one of the days — but you know what was on the top of my list? LAUNDRY. And yes, I got 8 loads done!!!! Woo hoo. Unfortunately, I already have another load already — sheesh. I swear, where is this coming from?

    • I read that you did EIGHT loads. You Go Girl! After I did FOUR this weekend, and I saw our hamper in our bedroom was full again Sunday! But I left it….. 4 loads was plenty enough so I have no idea how you did 8! But I totally understand how it just accumulates … haha

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