SUPER 1st Birthday Plans

36 days.  That’s how far away Avery’s First Birthday is.  I can’t believe we’re already planning his first birthday!  We’ll share the mushy trip down memory lane later, but for now, we’re all business!

A few months ago, I gave my husband the task of choosing a theme for Avery’s first birthday.  Every great party has a theme, right?  Our wedding had a travel theme.  Our family reunions have a different theme every year.  So what did hubby pick?


And with that, I was off and running to start the party planning process!  Here’s a list, thanks to BabyCenter, to help me get organized…

  1. Who to invite
    • Call me old fashioned, but I HAD to snail mail Avery’s birthday invitations.  There’s just something exciting about getting an invitation in your mail box – especially for kids.  So, with the theme in check, I designed a SUPER invitation and printed it at work.  This means sending out the invites only cost stamps.  Thing is, I invited EVERYONE!  See, we’re very far away from our families, so most of them won’t come.  But I know they’re appreciate the gesture of getting an invitation.  So, this was the state of my dining room table as I whipped thru a box of 80, yes 80 envelopes: superman party invitationsuperman party invitation envelope
    • It took a couple nights after Avery went to bed, but I got them all done and will be sending them out tomorrow – Check your mailbox!  In the end, we probably expect about 30 guests, including some youngsters.  I’ll add that I invited a couple Mommies & their kiddos that I met in the park or in the neighborhood that I barely know, but it’s fun to invite them and Avery will have playmates his age at the party.
  2. How much to spend
    • I have to confess – I never put a dollar sign on Avery’s party.  My tactic was to buy things little by little.  A few decorations here, stamps there, and Grammy is making the pinata.  I bet it’ll be a hefty price tag in the end because food will be the biggest factor.  BabyCenter says the majority of 1st Bday parties cost $200 or less.  We’ll be sure to keep tabs on our spending and reflect back on it.
  3. Choosing a time
    • We are fortunate enough to have Avery’s 1st birthday fall on a Saturday!  So the date was an easy decision.  The time, as suggested by BabyCenter, should be around your child’s nap schedule.  Well, Avery typically naps in the late morning & late afternoon.  And to avoid evening plans, we picked 1PM.  That way, Avery should be wide awake, and if guests have other plans in the later afternoon or evening, they can still attend.
  4. Choosing a place
    • BabyCenter suggests to hold the party at home, where baby is most comfortable, but if the guest list is too large for your humble abode, use a community center or restaurant, or even a zoo!  Since we have a new deck and good sized back yard, we decided to hold this party at home.  It’ll make it much more convenient and stress free too!
  5. Choosing a theme
    • Although Avery won’t remember this party, having a theme helps me decide which direction to go with decorations and games.  So, since Hubby chose SUPERMAN, everything will be blue, yellow, red, and white.  Oh and his party invitation is kinda cool too: AVERY INVITATION
    • Any suggestions for Superman themed decorations?  Please share a link to a page/image of an idea!
  6. Food
    • Keep it simple.  We’re going to utilize our new grill and deck and cook hotdogs and hamburgers, have some chips, veggies, & dip. And everyone can bring a dish to share.  Oh and we’re going to have cupcakes!
  7. Games and activities
    • We don’t plan on many scheduled activities.  Eating, sitting and talking, kids running around, a piniata in the mix, a bean bag toss game constantly going on, some cupcake smashing by Avery, and we’ll call it a day!
  8. Goody bags
    • Avery is too small for goodie bags.  But other kiddos attending arenit.  So we’ll have goodie bags with some fun stuff, but also for kiddos to hold the candy they grab from the pinata!
  9. Birthday presents
    • Since buying for a baby can be intimidating to someone who doesn’t have kids, we’ve made a list of suggestions here.  But we’d just rather have everyone come celebrate with us!  Gifts are not necessary.

Please share any tips/tricks or ideas you have to help make this party a success!  And pop over to this page to see all the details about Avery’s 1st Birthday Party!


19 thoughts on “SUPER 1st Birthday Plans

    • How do I do it all? Here’s my secret – I don’t! I used to be wicked organized with everything but when Avery came along I had to learn to let things go. So sometimes there’s piles of laundry all over the house (the scene this past weekend). I rarely thoroughly clean a room – a good sweep & swipe with Clorox wipes gets me to the next day. And I’ve learned to do things WAY ahead of time, so I’m not late with them – so we started planning Avery’s birthday a couple months ago and today I finally sent out the invites. So… I may do a lot but at any given time, my house/life looks like a tornado just went thru – but hey, if it means at the end of the day, everyone is happy, fed, and healthy, then it’s worth it 🙂

  1. this sounds like it will be a great birthday! Wow, one year! That invitation looks really cool. Nicely done. I love that you are snail mailing them. I agree, they are so fun to send out and receive in the mail.

    • Thanks, Arryn. I dropped them in the mailbox this morning! I swear, I sent out almost as many as them as I did wedding invitations! Soon enough you’ll be planning a 1st birthday party too – it goes by too fast!

  2. Cute idea!! try! Not sure if they have superman but they do have a number of themes and supplies for half the price! I plan on getting M’s birthday decorations from there.

  3. Love superman themed parties! I helped my cousin plan one and for kids activities, she bought some fabric, cut them into capes, cut out letters (Pre-party) and had them glue the letters onto their capes. It was super cute and they all walked away with something personal to take home! Also, she made a simple cake and just bought superman figurines to decorate the cake.. I made bunting in superman colors and that was pretty much all we did! Good luck!

  4. The invitations are too cute! I can’t believe he’s turning 1. Where does the time go?!? We didn’t do goody bags either since Lili is too little. Instead, I had those cookies made with Lili’s picture on it for her giveaways and some frosting pops for the kids. They were a huge hit.

    Budget wise, hmm… I don’t even know what we spent. I think maybe about $300-400?!? We had the party at my mom’s house and I bought most of the food. Good thinking on keeping a list of what you’ve spent for future reference.

    • Your cookie souvenirs were too cute. Great idea. I wonder if I should get some small boxes to send cupcakes home? I bet when all is said and done we’ll spend around the same. I’m buying a little here and there and so is my mom. The food will be the biggest expense. I’m dreading that trip to Costco. Eek. I’m going to keep it simple though. Burgers & Dogs and munchies.

  5. Love love the invitations do you sale the templet for them? I am doing the superman theme for my sons 1st birthday party and I’ve seen so many online but by far I love yours the most. Please let me know if you do or don’t sale it.

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