Couchless Living

Tuesday night we said goodbye to our old, but still young, couch…

ikea manstad couch ikea couch in trailer

We went from this:Living Room (before)

living room ikea couch  living room old couch 1

To this: Living Room (progress)

empty living room baby play mat
And as you can see, Avery isn’t hating the new changes.  His play mat now dominates the living room.  He could get used to this.  But not for long.  Our new couch and ottoman come on Tuesday next week!  What about the armchair I fell in love with? Well let me update you on that…

Last week we went couch shopping and fell in love with not just a couch, but this entire living room set:
living room set

We only set out to get a new sofa bed, and after trying (yes, we sat on ALL of them) each one, we went back to this beauty.  Perfect size, price, color, has a sleeper (queen size!), oh and a matching chair an ottoman.  Well, we busted the budget and bought the whole set – pending taking measurements to make sure it all fits!

The next day I spent a couple minutes rearranging the living room layout from this:

To this:

Living Room

Yeah, it was a bit funky, but it could work, right?!  So excited.

Fast forward to that afternoon and evening.  I was full of guilt.  We just racked up our credit card with an unexpected trip to California, and now we’re going over budget on furniture and adding more to the car – all because I wanted everything to match and look pretty – I got carried away with actually owning our very own ‘living room set’.  Not just a mosh posh of pieces from Ikea, but a set that will last us 5-8 yeas, at least!  I know we could buy the couch and hope months down the road we could get the matching chair and ottoman, but who knows, they might run out of stock or discontinue the line.  So my thinking in buying them all, matching, made sense.  But I didn’t want to strap us with more debt.  So when Vinay got home that night, I confessed my guilt trip with him and said we should just get the couch.  He agreed, but after haggling with me, decided that with the money we saved from tax free weekend, we could still afford to get the ottoman too.  He knew I really wanted it, especially since it would be safer for Avery than our hard coffee table.  So, we dropped the ($500) armchair and settled with the sofa bed and ottoman, all within our budget.  Whew, I feel much better now.

So, with the armchair out of the equation (and we use our existing chair), here’s the tentative plan for the living room layout:

Living Room New

How long have you lived without furniture?  Did you eat on cardboard boxes and sit on pillows?  Last night we ate dinner on pillows on the floor at the coffee table.  It felt like a picnic!  This couchless living isn’t too bad after all… I could do this for a week…


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