Family Balance: Less Travel

Sometimes my husband tells me that my blog posts make our life sounds all honky-dory and perfect.  Well, our life is anything but perfect, but I’m not one to air my dirty laundry.  This blog is an outlet for me to share what goes on under our roof with friends, family, and anyone else that would like to read.

Like other newlyweds and new parents, we have our moments. Since we’re both working full-time, taking care of a 10-month old, and renovating our new home, it gets pretty hairy at times.  Some mornings we snap at each other after a sleepless night with Avery.  We moan and groan over dinner about a stressful day at work.  We argue if one of us is doing more of the household chores and the other isn’t pulling their weight.  But we also have some good moments, like going for walks as a family after we’re back from work at the end of the day.  We curl up together in bed some nights and read.  We make it a point to schedule special date nights together.

Lately, we’ve been extremely exhausted and it brings out the worst in us.  We’ve had weekend after weekend of traveling, passed a cold from Avery to Vinay and I just got over it.  Avery STILL isn’t sleeping thru the night, and both our jobs are extremely stressful right now.  Our days are full of working and commuting, completing the needed household chores, spending little time at home as a family, and then passing out so we can do it all over again.  Oh and since we’ve been traveling to see family on the weekends plus we took a unexpected trip to California last week, we haven’t had time to stop, relax, regroup, catch up on sleep and spend time together.

Maybe it’s because it’s summer and there have been more events and functions to attend, but we have been traveling A LOT and it’s taken a toll on us.  So, we’ve made a family decision to travel less.  This is a HUGE decision for us.  Both our families are 4 hours away (in different directions!), so this decision hasn’t been made lightly.  But for our sanity, well-being and health, and our overall family balance, we think it’s for the best.  We know our families and friends will understand.

After this past week in California, and the previous weekend at my family reunion, we have parked our butts at home for the entire month of August! We don’t even have any plans for September.  We have BIG plans to enjoy late mornings in our PJs, afternoons in our back yard, taking walks to the park, dinner on our deck, and just hanging out as a family!

We hope this change will bring a better balance at home.  Some other changes we’ve been talking about are: fitting in time to exercise regularly (to help with the stress from work), keep going on date nights (to keep the fire going, Rawr!), and spend more time together renovating the house… (we’ll share soon!)
baby pool 6 family portrait  

How do you maintain a good family balance?  How do you fit in time for work, family, exercise, friends, ‘me-time’, etc?


8 thoughts on “Family Balance: Less Travel

  1. Megan, I am so proud and impressed with you and Vinay. Marriage and Family life can be stressful at times but……you two have realy got it together with this “balancing act”. We old foagies can learn something from the two of you. Love you all with all our hearts. Big hugs to all three of you. We will be down one day soon I hope. We owe you guys a trip down. XO Aunt Candy

    • Thanks for stopping by Aunt Candy. You know we’re only able to do this balancing act because we were raised by amazing parents (and aunts & uncles) that taught us well 🙂

      P.S. Avery’s BDay invitation will be in the mail next week… you could come visit then!

  2. I 100% agree with airing your dirty laundry. Believe me, if it were about how much I get annoyed and angry at home then it would be a place that nobody wanted to stop by. I (half) joke. Of course nobody’s relationship is perfect. It’s completely normal to have the disagreements (though of my snaps are under my breath at 5AM when my wonderful husband doesn’t leave me a clean bottle. Seriously?!@$@#$%@#@).

    We do need to have more date-nights. P and I are very laid back as a couple — But I could tell he’s itching to have non-baby time. I’m just a little too selfish with my time and being with Lili. I work everyday and every second I’m not with her, well I kind of want to be with her. Even when I would do my long runs, I couldn’t wait to finish and get back home to her. So I’m trying to slowly get back into having some alone time with my husband OUT of the house. HA.

    So, how do I fit in the time? I work out when it’s convenient for everyone else except if it’s a long run and I need my husband to watch the baby. When I come home from work, I make dinner and they both hang out with me in the kitchen. We eat, either play first or bath first (depending if she pooped), put her to bed and then Pedro and I hang out watching TV till I pass out. A lot of laundry gets done on the weekend (as you already know) and I try to clean up here and there in the morning.

    I think you’re doing great balancing things out. 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing, Rachel. It’s nice to know there are other mommies/wives out there that feel the same and deal with the same balancing act. I love that you get up early to fit in your workouts – good for you! Plus I am still jealous of your jail for Lili. We’re getting some new living room furniture and I hope I can ‘cage’ Avery in there so I can run around the house and get stuff done sometimes. The little bugger is almost walking (he can take 2-3 steps between cruising on furniture)!

      Did you get your laundry done this weekend? I didn’t haha. I sent Avery to daycare in long shorts cuz all his short shorts are in the laundry. Gotta get on that tonight! LOL

  3. good for you! I think that is a great plan. I think for our sanity and balance, the hubby and i need to carve out more date nights together. That is on my to-do list. Ideas for date nights and picking a time and sticking to it!

    • Good for you. Date nights are hard to plan, especially when things come up and break those plans. Sometimes just a nice dinner & movie at home after baby is asleep is a perfect date night… I hope you get more of them 🙂

  4. It’s always a balancing act and it sounds like you guys are doing great! I also totally agree with you about airing dirty laundry on the blog. I never want to feel dishonest about my life, but hopefully people understand that just because I don’t post about all of the stressful/difficult times doesn’t mean they aren’t there! But when I look back at the blog and read posts from when Annabel was tiny, I want to remember the good times, not the bad times. And I also want to be positive. There’s enough negativity in the world and on the internet without me adding to it:)

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