It’s already August?!  I can’t believe summer is already half-way thru.  Why is it that the summer months fly by, but winter creeps on?  The curse of living in the Northeast, I guess.  Here’s a little recap of the past month in the RatnamResidence:

The Blog

1 Guest Post  We had and wrote our first guest blog posts this month!  Mel dropped in and wrote about 10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary, while I popped on over to her blog to share our tips/tricks on selecting a daycare.

1 Award! We were nominated for the The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!  Check out all our awards here.

Who’s been checking us out?  The top FOUR countries are still (same as last month):

1 US
2 UK
3 Canada
4 India

9 people googled ‘ratnam residence’… but there were 6 more popular search terms…

1 “how to get self discipline”
2 “bumbo seat”
3 “my new bikini”
4 “baby sleeping ear muff”
5 “behr gentle rain”
6 “post baby belly”
7 “ratnam residence”

114 Followers 20 people have joined us in the past month!  Who are they? Daniela from Lantern Post 2012, Lauren from The Newlywed Journalist, Crystal-Gayle from Bathroom Diaries… and a few more.

500+ Likes We got this really cool announcement this month…


1,000+ Comments We received our one thousandth comment this month, yay!  Love hearing your feedback, tips, suggestions, and encouragement.  We are averaging 169 comments per month!


2,564 Visitors That’s more people than residents in the town I grew up in!

3,402 comments our spam catcher has gobbled up.  It’s pretty sad now that I think of it that we’ve gotten three times as many spam comments as actual comments.  Boo.


IMG_2024[1]1 Week with Grammy.  When Avery’s (old) daycare was on vacation for a week last month, Grammy stayed and watched Avery.  They had a fun time taking walks, visiting the park, and playing in Avery’s new pool!

2 Daycares  Avery’s daycare closed in July and we hurridly found him a new one… which he started this week.  We’ll share an update on it soon!

photo66 Teeth.  Yep, Avery now has six pearly whites!  Here’s using them to chomp on table foods, bagels, and trains.  We’re trying to feed him as much ‘people food’ as possible… small pieces of meat, mashed potatoes, etc.  because he really isn’t enjoying the chunky ‘3rd Foods’ from Gerber.

9 Months.  Avery turned 9 months old and had his routine 9-month check-up.  He’s still tall, lean, and has a big head!

130 Dollars Was all I spent on these baby bargains from CL.  Score!

Family & Marriage Stuff

baby pool 61 Date Night.  We had the most exciting date night thus far… Cirque du Soleil!

2 Kids We gave you a little insight in this post on our thoughts about planning Baby #2.  For right now, there will only be one little monkey in our house… especially when he is pulling stunts like this, and still not sleeping thru the night!

great grandfather88 Years is how long Vinay’s Grandfather lived.  We’ll miss you…

The House

0 Progress on our icky bathroom.  I have tons of ideas and am planning a big renovation for this winter… more to come!


Did you missed our previous recaps? –  January,  February, March, April, May, June


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