Weekly Outlook

We’re back from our unexpected trip to California.  More on that later today, but for now here’s a look at what we have planned for this week:

great grandmother family reunion 1 baby san fran

7-Day Outlook:

  • Monday A Farewell Trip  A recap of our California trip last week to say goodbye to Vinay’s Grandfather.
  • Tuesday NUMB3ERS: July Our (belated) monthly recap.  It’s August already?! Why do the summer months pass by so fast, yet the winter months creep on…?
  •  Wednesday Chinese New-Year in Vermont  With all the commotion last week, we haven’t shared about our exciting yearly Family Reunion.  This year there were dragons, fried rice, oragami, and our traditional ‘duck race’
  • Thursday Looming Student Loans  A little insight into how we address student loans within our family finances and some tips/tricks on paying them off.  I’m super-excited to write about this because I just paid off one of my loans!
  • Friday Parking our Butts at Home!  Prior to last week’s cross-country trip, we had decided to take a break from traveling and spend some weekends at home recuperating from out busy weeks because we’ve been wiped out all summer and can’t seem to catch up on energy & sleep.  Our plan is to stay home the remainder of August.
  • Saturday & Sunday Weekend at home!

Although this past week was very sad, we have some exciting news from the ‘Avery Department’.  Remember two months ago when we visited California and Avery began crawling while we were there?  Well, guess what he did this trip…?

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